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Our machines are available in different sizes with different working areas and different powers. Discover which machine suits you best or view our most popular machines.

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About BRM Lasers

Pioneers in laser machines since 2010.

We have been pioneers in the field of laser machines since 2010. Pioneers who know the market and the possibilities very well by now. From our background in machine construction, we have explored the technology in detail. So, we know what we’re talking about. The atmosphere within our organization reflects this. Whether it concerns technical colleagues or employees on a commercial level, you will find enthusiastic people everywhere who are involved with BRM and the services we provide.

About us
The building and head office of BRM Lasers in Winterswijk.


Our machines are widely used in these industries.

We have customers in countless industries. For example, our machines are often used in schools to improve students’ spatial insight. The machine is also often used in interior construction. Customers engrave logos on tabletops or cut out logos, among other things.

A student leans with his arms on the laser machine and looks at what's going on inside the machine.
A scale model completely made with the laser machine.
Wooden plate with a logo of a restaurant. Completely made with a laser machine from BRM.
Print & Sign
A logo engraved on a wooden tabletop in a restaurant.
Interior Construction
A wooden model building house built from lasered parts.
Model Construction
Personalized products engraved by laser machine.
Promotional gifts

Our most sold machines.

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A reliable machine, thanks to our continuous quality assurance on all components.

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2-year warranty

We offer a 2-year warranty on all our new laser machines.

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Installation and explanation upon delivery

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cut and engrave with a BRM laser machine?

Yes, a BRM CO2 laser is a cutting and engraving machine in one. This universal qualitative tool turns innovative ideas into reality. And is therefore an asset to countless professionals. One and the same device that cuts or engraves by simply adjusting the settings. Imagine the scope of possibilities at your fingertips!

Do I have a BRM laser machine warranty?

Of course you do! That's something we can be brief about. We are confident about our quality. That is why our standard warranty period is two years. On every new machine including the laser tube. This way, you can be sure of a well-performing laser machine.

How does laser cutting work?

Laser cutting is, in simple terms, the cutting of material with an intensely hot light beam. Due to the extremely high temperature of the laser beam, the material does not burn but evaporates immediately. You cut through countless materials as if it's nothing. Fast, precise and super versatile!

How does laser engraving work?

Laser engraving works as follows: the laser head rapidly moves across your work object. The laser beam removes a layer where it touches the material. This creates contrast and you'll see your design appear. The more laser power, the more is removed. This also allows you to apply texture and play with different depth levels as well.

Does a laser machine require a lot of maintenance?

No, a laser machine is low-maintenance. That's just one of its many advantages. The exact amount of time you need to spend on maintenance depends on how much the machine is running and on the materials being processed. A daily check of the working area and a weekly check of the optical and mechanical parts might be sufficient.

Possibilities and materials


Acrylic is one of the most processed materials, because it is easy to cut and engrave. This material is widely used in the sign industry, among others. Post-processing is not necessary because the acrylic comes out of the machine with a smooth cutting line.


Wood can be cut and engraved with the laser machine. Due to the low cost of the material, it is used by many of our customers. For example, by schools, architects and modelers. There are many different types of wood to work with.


Paper is a very suitable material for cutting and engraving. The accuracy of the machine makes it easy to create beautiful greeting cards or business cards. Print shops use the laser to personalize printed material.

Cardboard can be cut as well as engraved with a laser machine from BRM.


Cardboard can be cut and engraved with the laser machine. Customers use it, for example, to create templates for painting or spraying, or to apply folding lines in the cardboard. Virtually any type of cardboard can be processed with a laser machine.


Engraving and cutting hardboard is no problem with the BRM laser machine. Hardboard is used in different industries and for different applications. It is used for packaging, decoration and prototypes, among other things.

Icon of textile, can be engraved and cut with a BRM Laser machine.


Cutting and engraving textiles and leather is also very easy with a laser machine. For example, customers in the textile industry use the machine to engrave and cut logos and emblems for clothing.


Because leather is easy to cut and engrave with a laser machine from BRM, there are many possibilities. For example, personalize wallets, bracelets, bags and belts with your own logo or text. This application is widely used in the promotional gifts industry.

Icon of rubber, can be engraved and cut with a BRM Laser machine.


Rubber and foam rubber can both be cut and engraved with the laser machine. For example, by engraving rubber it is possible to make stamps. Our customers mainly use foam rubber to make inlays for suitcases and flight cases.


Cutting and engraving foam is no problem for BRM laser machines. Customers in various branches make use of this. For example, it is used to make filling for suitcases and flight cases. But also, for packaging and in the graphics industry.


It is possible to engrave metal with a BRM laser machine. And there are a number of interesting applications such as applying serial numbers to metal objects or personalizing jewelry such as necklaces. For engraving on metal, you need a special CerMark spray.

Natural stone

A large variety of natural stones can be engraved with the BRM laser machine. Consider, for example, marble, slate and granite. Because natural stone is so easy to personalize, you have a lot of options. It is therefore widely used for decoration and memorial stones.

Icon of glass, can be engraved with a BRM Laser machine.


The machine can easily engrave on glass. For example, it is possible to engrave a logo or a name on wine glasses or beer glasses. This application is widely used in the promotional gifts industry.

Icon of mirror, can be engraved with a BRM Laser machine.


Engraving mirrors with the laser machine is very easy. A beautiful engraving of a logo on a mirror is a nice addition for interior builders. But this application is also widely used in the promotional gifts industry.

Which laser machine should I have?

Check out our overview page with laser machines or let us advise you without obligation.

+31 (0)544 350320

Which laser machine should I have?

We will be happy to show you your material processing without any obligation. In our showroom or on location.

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