The company Ballen Enzo designs and makes games, attractions and indoor playgrounds for children. They use the technology of a BRM laser machine for almost all the products they create. They have two machines and each has been given it’s own name.

“We are completely addicted to it.”

The games and attractions that Ballen Enzo makes are all invented, designed and produced in-house. One of the interactive games they make is a real “ball shower”.“We are completely addicted to it.” Children can put the balls in a hole so that they are sucked up and end up in a barrel via hoses. When the children press the button, the hatch opens, and all the balls fall down from the barrel. A unique product that can already be found in many indoor playgrounds. All parts for this ball shower are made using the laser machines from BRM.

We spoke with Wim Wijting, one of the board members and initiator of Ballen Enzo. He tells us that the laser machines are the hub of the company. “We are really addicted to it. When choosing the materials, we immediately check whether it can be processed with the laser. ” The most commonly used materials are therefore wood and acrylic.

Wim Wijting and Martijn Potters, owners of Ballen Enzo

Suuz & Bertha

BRM’s laser machines are so important to the company that they have been given their own name. The “senior laser cutter” BRM Original 90130 is called Suuz and the newer BRM 100160 is called Bertha. They can even be found on the “About Us” page on the Ballen Enzo website.

Wim indicates that it is very nice that the cut products are dimensionally stable and that they can produce very quickly thanks to the machine. He also mentions two advantages of a laser machine compared to a CNC mill. “A milling cutter has completely different properties than a laser cutter. The laser cutter is much more precise and can make right-angled bends.” So, the choice for a laser machine was easy. “Some of our products simply cannot be made without a laser machine. Because if you had to do everything by hand, it is simply not affordable,” says Wim.

Large working area icon.
Largest closed machine
Side view of a BRM Pro 1600 laser machine.
Some available

Pro 1600

  • Work area 1600 x 1000 x 200 mm
  • Laser power 100 or 150 W
  • Highest level of safety: laser class 1
“BRM is essential to the growth of this company.”

BRM’s advice and service

When Wim started looking online for a laser machine, he soon ended up at BRM. They firt chose to buy a trade-in machine. “And it went so well that we were immediately convinced that BRM is the right choice for us. The way in which BRM deals with service and the advisory process for the purchase of a machine is simply outstanding”.

Looking to the future, Wim does not rule out the possibility that a third machine will be added. “BRM is essential for the growth of this company, right now and in the future, I believe. They simply grow with us!”

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