How to cut plywood

Plywood sheets are available in various thicknesses between 1 and 40 millimeters. The standard size these sheets can be found in is 1 by 2 meters, this makes our BRM Open Bed laser machine the best option with its larger size when it comes to cutting plywood sheets. Not only is the work surface larger, but it is also more flexible than that of the closed laser machines. The table can be adjusted separately from the rest of the machine. Some models come with an automatic height adjustable work table, this allows the machine to be set to the correct focal height with the touch of a button. This is very useful when you often change materials with different thicknesses when cutting and engraving.

Many possibilities with plywood

Many different kinds of plywood are tailored to the application of the finished product. For example, there is Construction plywood which is widely used in wood construction. The focus here is mainly on the strength of the material because the strength is more important than the appearance it’s mainly used for roof constructions, formwork or transport crates and packaging. When it’s used for furniture or countertops a veneer layer is often applied to make the plywood more visually appealing. The choice for the top-layer is usually based on the application, it can be used in kitchens, but also luxury yacht building. Special plywood has unique features that give the plywood a certain specific strength, this may include airplane and bulletproof plywood. Lightweight plywood can be used if a construction has to be firm yet lightweight. It’s mainly made of poplar wood. WPB plywood stands for ‘Water Boiled Proof’. It’s suitable for use in humid environments.


Plywood is a sheet material that consists of several different layers of wood veneer, these layers are glued together in a crosswise pattern with polycondensation glue. Due to this gluing process, solid sheets can be produced for multiple purposes. The types of wood that are used are diverse. In the past they mainly used birch, but nowadays many other types of wood are used as well such as oak, mahogany, and okoume.

Plywood laser machine

The best machine to process plywood in larger sizes is our BRM Open Bed Portal laser machine, but the closed BRM CO2 laser machines can also do the trick. They’re just as versatile, fast and easy to use!

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