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Miniworld Rotterdam

Model Building

Miniworld uses their BRM Original 90130 to recreate Rotterdam in miniature. Each house is cut on the laser and then sprayed or painted. Thanks to the BRM laser machine, Miniworld can produce models very quickly and detailed.

Miniworld Rotterdam is a public attraction where a very large part of Rotterdam has been recreated in miniature. Everything is made on a 1:87 scale, the standard that is also widely used in the model railway world. But Miniworld does more than just run trains. They show the history and future of Rotterdam in an interactive way. At Miniworld we spoke with Dido Geluk, the team leader of the studio. He is ultimately responsible for everything that is built at Miniworld.

Rotterdam Icons

Dido is proud that they have managed to recreate many buildings that are iconic for Rotterdam in miniature. “The white house with the Wijnhaven attached to it and the high residential tower are examples of larger projects. We try to create as many Rotterdam icons as possible. In this way, tourists can also enjoy the beauty of Rotterdam inside on a rainy day.”

Each building made with the laser

The BRM laser machine is an essential part of Miniworld, Dido explains. “We use the laser machine for almost everything. Every building we build is made with the laser machine. We draw everything in AutoCAD, then we cut it with the laser and then glue it together. Then we spray everything, and the building is ready to be used. Therefore, the laser cutter is essential for us. If it didn’t work, we really have a big problem here.”

Miniworld Rotterdam uses a BRM Original 90130

View machine
Dido Geluk shows what is made with the laser machine.

“As precise as it comes out of the laser, you simply cannot achieve that by hand.”

Because the machine is indispensable for Miniworld, there is great added value. There have been a number of reasons for purchasing a laser machine from BRM. “The laser machine is of added value to us, because it works very quickly and is accurate to the tenth or hundredth of a millimeter. So, if I draw it out correctly and put it under the laser, I can then assemble it in no time.” Previously, Dido used a CNC mill with a small work surface that was difficult to program. He indicates that everything is much faster and easier with the laser machine.
Dido has been in the business for more than twenty years and in the past, he sometimes had to work by hand. He cut parts with a knife or saw it with a jigsaw. But that took so many man hours, which you now save thanks to the BRM Original laser machine. “Thanks to the BRM laser machine, we work faster and better because the machine is simply very fast. As precise as it comes out of the laser, you simply cannot achieve that by hand.” The laser machine has contributed to the growth of Miniworld. “Thanks to the laser, our production is very high. We can now work with less manpower because we have the laser machine. So, it certainly contributed to the growth of Miniworld and certainly of our modeling workshop. I was able to meet a lot of deadlines thanks to the laser machine.”

Miniworld Rotterdam uses a BRM Original 90130

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BRM’s service

Dido says that he has also come into contact with BRM for service a few times and he has experienced this as pleasant. “We came into contact with BRM a few times for maintenance of the machine and that went fine. BRM arrives quickly, on time and simply provides good maintenance. The machine then walks like a charm again. So, I am always very happy with that.”

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