The advantages of laser engraving

Icon residual material, cutting loss.

Waste materials

None of the filings or residues associated with CNC milling. The laser head does not come in contact with the material.

Icon Accuracy


The laser machine engraves with precision up to a tenth of a millimetre and is always accurate.

Icon no post-processing required


Most products do not require post-processing. Your products are immediately ready to use.

Icon time saving.


A BRM laser machine is free of wear-prone equipment and has an extensive lifespan.

Is a laser machine suitable for my application?

BRM Lasers has clients who use a laser cutter daily in all kinds of different branches. In education, for example, the laser cutter is used to improve the spatial awareness of students. Customers in interior building use the laser cutter to cut logos from different materials. The laser machine is also often used in model making to cut scale models. Other companies use the laser cutter to make prototypes of, for example, drones.

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We have clients in countless industries. Our machines, for instance, are often installed in schools in order to improve students’ spatial understanding. The machine is also often employed in interior construction. Clients engrave logos on tabletops and many other unique products. Other companies use the laser machine to create corporate gifts.

  • Icon business gifts Laser engraving and cutting industry
  • Icon print & sign industry Print and sign industry
  • Icon interior construction Interior design and furniture builders
  • Icon architects Scale modeling and model construction
  • Icon education Education and FabLabs
Without my laser machine, Studio Bee simply wouldn’t exist. BRM is a safe choice and offers competitive pricing - perfect for ambitious startups.

By engraving and personalising products such as chopping boards or wine boxes, it’s possible to surprise valued clients time and again. Photos can also be laser engraved with the BRM Laser machine. A beautiful example of this is the engraving of memorial stones in the natural stone industry. We gladly work closely with you to discuss how you can use a laser engraving machine within your company.

Demonstration of the BRM laser machine

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Laser engraving, how does it work?

The laser machine software can read different file formats, such as .ai and .dxf. You can therefore always continue to work with your favourite graphic design software, such as Adobe Illustrator and AutoCAD.
The laser head moves at high speed, and the beam rapidly switches on and off. This makes the machine a kind of printer that burns the design onto the material. The laser machine is controlled by software which supports vector files.

Laser engraving
Control panel of a BRM Pro laser machine with a BRM logo on the display.

Ease of use

The laser machine software can read different file formats, such as .ai and .dxf. You can therefore always continue to work with your favourite graphic design software, such as Adobe Illustrator and AutoCAD.
Once you’ve uploaded the design into the program, you indicate with which parameters the product should be produced. You then indicate where your design should be placed on the material, and you’re ready to operate the machine.

Superior quality

A reliable machine with our ongoing quality guarantee on all parts.

Two year warranty icon.

2-year warranty

We offer a 2-year warranty on all of our new laser machines.

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Unparalleled service and support

We’re at the ready to answer all of your questions, wherever and however suits you best.

Seitenansicht einer BRM Pro 1600 Lasermaschine.

Installation and tutorial upon delivery

Laser engraving fanatics that stay until you know exactly how to master your machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is laser engraving?

With laser engraving, you change the surface of materials with a laser beam. That beam removes part of the top layer of your material. Because this can be done very precisely, it is very suitable for texts or images. In no time at all, you can engrave the most amazing designs on many different objects or materials. For example, on wood, plastic, glass or metal. There are so many possibilities. Do you want to know if your idea is doable? Call or mail us, we'll be happy to tell you more.

What does laser engraving cost?

That depends on several things. Which materials are used? For example, plywood is cheaper than acrylic. How large is your production run? If you make full use of the work surface with a large number of pieces, the laser machine will make fewer start and stop movements. That's very efficient, of course. Do you use a lot of speed and power or perhaps not that much? That is also a factor. And obviously, the machine itself: The smallest BRM closed laser is available for around €10.000,-

Which materials can I laser engrave and which ones not?

We can be quite brief about that. There are simply an awful lot of them that you can use. Textiles, all kinds of wood, leather, cardboard, paper and countless synthetics. With a special laser spray, you can also mark blank metal, glass, mirrors, ceramics, porcelain and natural stone. Does your material contain PVC? Then we strongly advise you not to conduct laser engraving. Are you unsure whether your specific material is suitable? Simply ask us.

Will a laser engraving machine need a lot of maintenance?

One of the advantages of a laser machine is that it requires little maintenance. However, it is important to regularly check all optical and mechanical components. Keep your work area and the space underneath it free of dust and dirt. Even the mirrors and the lens can be cleaned adequately on your own. And of course, you can arrange a maintenance visit. Then we'll come over and do the necessary adjustments and checks. Call or mail so we can schedule it for you.

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