80% of our customers use our BRM Original line.

BRM Laser Machine

BRM Original

CO2 lasers cut and engrave many types of materials with great precision at a high speed, ranging from thick acrylic sheets to paper.

Suitable for a wide variety of materials and industries.

BRM Lasers offers a wide range of laser machines that are suitable for many types of materials and industries. Over the last few years, together with our partners, we have managed to continuously improve our laser machines. This ongoing effort to innovate is one of our most central corporate values.

Currently we have two different types of machine categories on offer. They are all based on laser technology, but are each destined for particular user groups, ranging from small start-ups to the heavy metalworking industry and the fine-precision industry. We are confident that we have the most fitting machine available for each type of company.

Above you can find an overview of the different machine categories that we have on offer. Do you have any questions or would you like a demonstration? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us.