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BRM Originals

Our bestsellers are the BRM Original CO2 laser machines. Eighty percent of our customers like to use our BRM Original line. These closed machines are extremely versatile and extremely easy to use! They are compact and cut and engrave numerous types of materials such as wood and acrylic with great precision and high speed. Discover the possibilities of our Originals! They are available in different sizes and laser capacities.

Our Originals are widely used by schools, architects, modelers and promotional gift companies.
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Closed machine
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Most popular
Above side view of a BRM Original 90130 laser machine.

BRM 90130

From €11.950
  • The most sold laser machine
  • 900 x 1300 x 230 mm work area
  • 2050 x 1525 x 1200 mm machine size

The BRM Original 90130 is our best-selling machine due to the ideal size of the working area. It is loved by branches across the board. From architects to education.

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Our largest closed machine
Above side view of a BRM Original 100160 laser machine.

BRM 100160

From €12.950
  • Our largest closed machine
  • 1000 x 1600 x 230 mm work area
  • 2200 x 1600 x 1150 mm machine size

The BRM 100160 is our largest closed machine. Ideal for processing large plates. The size of the work area makes it one of our best-selling machines.

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Animation BRM4060

BRM 4060

From €9.750
  • Most popular among SMEs
  • 400 x 600 x 230 mm work area
  • 1550 x 1000 x 1200 mm machine size

The BRM Original 4060 is our smallest closed Original laser machine. This is widely sold to SMEs in various industries.

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Side view of a BRM Original 6090.

BRM 6090

From €10.950
  • Suitable for all kinds of sectors
  • 600 x 900 x 230 mm work area
  • 1850 x 1225 x 1200 mm machine size

The BRM Original 6090 is our all-rounder and is used by companies in all kinds of sectors because of the ideal size of the working area.

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BRM Open Bed

In addition to our closed machines, we also offer larger models with an open table. These open table models are ideal for larger products. They are also referred to as portal- or Open Bed lasers. Thanks to the large working area it is possible to cut or engrave large products. In terms of technology, they are very similar to the BRM Originals.

Side view of a BRM Open Bed 130250 laser machine.

BRM 130250

From €19.500
  • A large work area
  • 1300 x 2500 mm work area
  • 1950 x 3500 x 1200 mm machine size

The BRM Open Bed 130250 has an open table and its enormous working area makes it suitable for large sheet material. Ideal for production companies, for example.

BRM Original 150300 openbed laser

BRM 150300

From €23.500
  • Our biggest machine
  • 1500 x 3000 mm work area
  • 2150 x 4100 x 1200 mm machinegrootte

The BRM Open Bed 150300 is our largest machine. Thanks to the gigantic working area, this machine is very popular with, for example, plastic workers.

Seen a machine, but above your budget? Take a look at our Budgetlaser machines.


Cutting and engraving with laser machines

Wood cutting laser machine.

A laser machine helps you cut or engrave many materials quickly and effortlessly. Whether you’re going to engrave metal or cut leather, with a BRM laser machine your job will be a piece of cake. You can find laser machines in various models. They differ in terms of power, dimensions and price, among other things. The most popular machine is the BRM Original 90130. It is used by customers in various industries and is used in schools and architects, among others. If you are looking for a machine with a larger working area, the BRM 100160 is the perfect model. After installation, you will also receive an instruction from us. This way you can get started right away.

Laser cutting: the solution for many assignments

A lamp made of wooden parts made with the laser machine.

BRM laser machines work unprecedentedly fast and are also extremely accurate. Because the machines are controlled by a computer, they make an identical engraving or cutting line each and every time, in contrast to the traditional milling machine or punch stamp. This precise working method makes a laser cutter suitable for many industries. Our machines are used in sign companies, in education, in large factories and in architecture.

A model of an apartment building. Made of acrylic with the laser machine.

The laser cutter is a modern piece of technology that works in an ingenious way. The machines generate a powerful laser beam, which is then amplified with the help of a special lens. This allows the machine to burn materials at high temperatures, ensuring tight and careful cutting lines. Because the machines work at a high temperature, they can process countless materials: wood, plastic, paper, glass and acrylic are all among the possibilities. The lasers can be used for cutting materials but are also extremely suitable for making engravings. Ideal for marking product numbers or for personalizing your products.

Buying a laser machine: the advantages at a glance

To buy a laser machine is to open up a world of possibilities. Many of our customers say that their new laser machine turned their innovative ideas into reality. With a laser machine, also called a laser cutter, you can quickly and easily cut a wide variety of materials. The main advantages of a laser machine are:

  • Suitable for cutting or engraving numerous materials.
  • Works quickly and very precisely.
  • Can be controlled by computer via CNC technology.
  • Optical laser head means that the material is not touched when cutting or engraving.
  • Cuts or engraves without leaving any residue.
  • Does not require any finishing work in the form of polishing, filing or sanding.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Is user-friendly.
  • Delivered turnkey; you can get started right away.

Which materials can you process?

A laser cutter is a very versatile device. You can engrave and cut with a machine. In addition, there are many materials that can be processed with our laser machines. Actually, there are too many to list. Not all laser cutters are suitable for all applications. So, take a look at the various models and ask for advice from one of our employees. Below is a list of materials that you can cut or engrave with one of our laser cutters:

  • Acrylic
  • Aluminum
  • Bamboo
  • Wood
  • Jewelry
  • Cardboard
  • Crystal
  • Cork
  • Leather
  • (Painted) mdf
  • Natural stone
  • Paper
  • Plate material
  • Plastic (PVC-free)
  • Plexiglass
  • Marble
  • Rubber
  • Stainless steel
  • Mirrors
  • Textile
  • Veneer
  • (Cast) iron

The possibilities to cut and engrave materials with our laser cutters are endless. Only materials containing PVC cannot be processed with it, because they contain toxins.

For small and large. From industrial to creative.

BRM Lasers customers are active in many different industries. Our laser cutters are used by small companies and large organizations. You can find them in shipbuilding, the advertising industry, the fashion industry, the metalworking industry, in carpentry and stonemasons, but also in (technical) education. They are also great for creative or artistic applications. You can make very detailed markings, engravings, etchings or contours with it. Laser cutters are suitable for the following applications, among others:

  • Manufacturing machine parts
  • Processing leather and textiles
  • Craft decorative objects
  • Produce prototypes
  • Personalize souvenirs and promotional gifts
  • And much more…

How do laser machines work?

The path the laser beam travels in the machine.

A smart mechanism is hidden in the sturdy cabinet of the laser cutter. This consists of several parts. Ultimately, the laser beam is the most important. This beam is emitted by a head that has an optic. This ensures that the laser beam can be aimed particularly precisely. The intensity of the laser can be adjusted via the focus optics. There is also a nozzle on the laser head that allows material cutting. Mirrors have been placed on the various parts that can deflect the beam to the right place.

The control panel of a BRM laser machine.

The great thing about our laser cutters is that they can cut material without you having to fix it. The laser floats above the surface and makes no contact with it. A big advantage of this is that it greatly reduces the risk of damage to the material. You operate the laser machine via the computer using CNC, or Computerized Numerical Control. With this you can set the cutting values for cutting, among other things. The machines are delivered with the necessary software. We make the machine completely ready for use. Moreover, we give you detailed instructions on how to work with it successfully.

How do you choose the best laser machine for your organization?

BRM Lasers has various models. These laser cutters vary in power, dimensions, options and price. Of course, it is important that you choose the machine that best suits your organization and the goal you have in mind. That is why we briefly introduce our types of machines to you:

Oben Seitenansicht einer BRM Original 90130 Lasermaschine.

BRM Originals

These are relatively compact and affordable, but also very versatile. The vast majority of our customers choose one of the BRM Originals. These CO2 lasers cut and engrave acrylic, wood and metal, among other things.

Side view of a BRM Open Bed 130250 laser machine.

BRM Open Bed

These CO2 lasers are larger and have an open table construction. They are also very similar to the BRM Originals. They also have an offline control system.

Whichever machine you choose, you invest in a versatile device that offers you endless possibilities. You can process countless materials with one and the same machine, without requiring much time or effort. There is hardly any chance of damage to the materials during cutting or engraving. Moreover, you do not have to rework the material and no residual materials are left behind.

Would you like to know more about the specific properties of the different types of laser machines? Do you need advice to make the right choice? Then request a leaflet or demonstration. Or fill in the contact form. You will hear from us soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the best BRM laser for my specific application?

By answering three questions, you can make this choice a lot easier. Which materials do you process? What do you intend to do in particular? (Cutting, engraving, or both equally.) What work surface do you need? Once you have this sorted out, we will help you to determine the very best option.

Which materials can I process with a BRM laser?

A BRM laser helps you cut or engrave countless organic materials quickly and effortlessly. From acrylic to hardboard, from wood to textiles and more! The possibilities are virtually endless. Are you unsure whether your specific material is suitable? Have us test it for you. We do that free of charge. You'll know straight away whether your application is possible.

What can I not process with a laser machine?

A lot can be done with a laser, but there are exceptions. When processing certain materials, such as PVC for instance, contaminated vapours are emitted that are harmful to one's health and may damage the machine. We advise you not to use these materials. When in doubt, always consult the manufacturer about the exact composition, so you know whether the material is suitable for sure.

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Which laser machine should I have?

Check out our overview page with laser machines or let us advise you without obligation.

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Which laser machine should I have?

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