A versatile machine for countless materials

Do you work in the engraving and laser cutting industry? Then your work is probably as varied as your customer base. A laser machine adds to that versatility and is not just an asset to existing organisations. It is the perfect tool to turn your hobby into a business. The laser lets you use your creative freedom to full effect and develop commercially. This is how completely new workshops, physical shops and webshops are founded.

Do you focus on B2B organisations and offer semi-finished products and ready-made items to other companies? Or are you involved in B2C sales: Business to Consumers? Then consumers buy finished products from you. With a laser machine, you don’t have to choose, because it allows you to produce whatever you want in-house.

Various laser cut and engraved products.

Work efficiently with your CO2 laser and offer added value

When using a laser machine in the engraving and laser cutting sector, you not only have a very convenient tool at your disposal that allows you to work quickly and precisely. You can also personalise whatever your customers want. This gives extra value to every product you deliver.

Various laser engraved products at Studio Bee.

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Produce large volumes or unique items with a laser machine

A laser machine is a perfect aid if you want to engrave existing products. Do you have an order for a large number of bamboo phone cases with a company logo? That will be no problem at all. Rather make unique pieces? Of course, that’s is an option as well. Decorate an olive wood breadboard with a children’s drawing as a gift for grandparents, for example. Even notebooks can be decorated with an engraved holiday photo, image or text. If the design is ready, it can be done while your customer waits.

Laser engraved products at Studio Bee.

Develop new products and produce them

Cutting and engraving can both be done with one and the same CO2 laser machine. It is a versatile device that can be used to process countless materials. These can be existing items, of course. But with a laser machine, you can also take the step to develop and produce new products yourself. Sometimes a concept seems financially unfeasible because having just a single piece made or a small quantity produced is very expensive. A major advantage of a laser machine is that you can test everything yourself, in-house, very easily.

Did you, for example, think up a new kind of puzzle and would you like to make it out of birch wood? It’s just a matter of giving it a try! Is the sheet material too thin? Then simply cut the same puzzle with your laser machine again, but this time from a thicker sheet. Or perhaps acrylic if that suits you better. You can continue to refine your product until it meets your quality requirements. Then it’s just a matter of repeating and making your stock as big as you want it to be.

Significant advantages of a laser machine

The potential of a laser machine for the engraving and laser cutting industry is endless. Speed, accuracy and efficiency are not the only advantages. Consider the following benefits as well:

  • A laser machine is an instrument that both cuts and engraves
  • Laser technology is suitable for many different materials
  • Personalising products is a breeze
  • You can work with existing items and develop new products
  • Producing large quantities or creating unique items? You can do both!

How do laser service companies use their laser cutter?

The following companies in the engraving and laser cutting industry use their laser machines with great success. They do so in their own specific way. Find out how they use their laser and benefit from their experience.

Adjusting the laser head.

Laserdesign Zeeland – Laser service

When Corné de Rijke bought his laser machine, he did not know exactly which path to take. Based on what worked, he determined the direction. Today, Laserdesign Zeeland is a specialist in laser cutting and engraving. They mainly work with acrylic and wood. Wood in all its varieties. ‘I work pretty much every kind of wood you can think of’, Corné says. He always has birch wood, poplar plywood and acrylate in stock.

Studio Bee – Laser service – Signage

During his product design degree, Laszlo Meulman came into contact with laser cutting and engraving. He explored it and discovered all the creative possibilities that a laser machine offers.

He now runs Studio Bee and provides products to a wide range of customers. He takes care of the entire process, from design to implementation. His services include outdoor lettering as well as engraving and cutting a wide variety of gifts. His laser service is also available for walk-in / walk-out orders. Because a laser processes so many different materials, he always finds a solution for his customers’ needs.

Read the story of Studio Bee

Header studio Bee with lasered products.

Laser machines give rise to new businesses

A BRM Pro cuts out a sign that reads

Laser machines are an asset to many different companies. They bring efficiency improvements to existing organisations. The purchase of a laser machine also creates completely new businesses. There are an unimaginable number of possible applications, so the investment will have a very short payback time.

What can a laser machine offer you? Come and see for yourself during a demonstration. Contact us for more information on the added value of a laser cutter in the engraving and laser cutting industry. We are happy to help you!

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