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Spaaij Maquettebouw

Sрааіj Mаquеttеbоuw is a company that specializes, among other things, in creating world-class scale models for shipbuilding and architecture. The...

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Laser engraving

With a BRM laser engraving machine you can create all kinds of designs with different textures.

Like a glass for a jubilee and a plexiglass award for a winner. Or solid wood home accessories and name signs made of plastic. You personalise and add value to your products.

With the same ease, you cut countless materials with the same laser. This versatile machine is an asset for so many industries, and for good reason.

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A logo engraved on a wooden table top in a restaurant.
Engraved award made of acrylic.
Engraving on wooden wine box
Wooden sign with an engraved logo of a motorcycle store.
Personalized products engraved by laser machine.
An engraved wooden clipboard for a restaurant menu.
A display for in a store with engravings of text and logo.
Engraving on wooden tabletop at De Jutter (made by Shifting Peaks).
Engraved award made of acrylic.
Personalisation of promotional gifts at Relipack.
Laser engraved wooden signage.
Personalised engraved gifts at Studio Bee.
Clipboards with engraved logo made by Dit of Dat.
Engraved wooden display for a shop made by AE Laser.

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De Nieuwe Kaartenmakers

De Nieuwe Kaartenmakers are two young entrepreneurs who make very creative maps. The maps can be hung on the wall as decoration. By using different...

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