The advantages of laser cutting

Icon residual material, cutting loss.

Waste materials

None of the filings or residues associated with CNC milling. The laser head does not come in contact with the material.

Icon Accuracy


The laser machine engraves with precision up to a tenth of a millimeter and is always accurate.

Icon no post-processing required


Most products do not require post-processing. Your products are immediately ready to use.


A BRM laser machine is free of wear-prone equipment and has an extensive lifespan.

Is a laser cutting machine worth considering?

The possibilities of a laser cutting machine are virtually unlimited. A laser machine is interesting for numerous companies! They are, for instance, used in the fashion industry, the advertising business, shipbuilding or in education. Our customers are telling you more about it. Take advantage of their experiences!

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Our customers are active in various industries. To improve the visual awareness of students, our machines can often be found in schools. Furthermore, they are frequently used in the print and sign industry. Cutting lettering from acrylic, laser cutting parts from printed products or making complete promotional gifts – the laser cutter is often used for these purposes.

  • Icon business gifts Laser engraving and cutting industry
  • Icon print & sign industry Print and sign industry
  • Icon interior construction Interior design and furniture builders
  • Icon architects Scale modeling and model construction
  • Icon education Education and FabLabs
Without my laser machine, Studio Bee simply wouldn’t exist. BRM is a safe choice and offers competitive pricing - perfect for ambitious startups.

By customising cutting boards, wine boxes or any other item, our enthusiastic users surprise their customers time and again. And prototyping companies, for example. They also use a laser cutter. One of our customers uses it to make parts for drones. Let us help you think about the best way to incorporate a laser cutter in your company.

Demonstration of the BRM laser machine

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How does a laser cutter work?

The technology of a laser cutter is fascinating! In the machine, a powerful beam of light is generated. When this beam comes into contact with a material, it evaporates. This allows you to cut through materials.
Inside the machine is a glass tube containing a mixture of different gasses. When electricity with a high voltage is conducted through it, a laser beam is generated. Mirrors deflect the beam towards the laser head which contains a lens. This lens allows very accurate aiming: laser focus! The laser head moves freely within the machine so that any product can be cut or engraved.

The path the laser beam travels in the machine.
The control panel of a BRM laser machine.

Ease of use

The software of the laser cutting machine supports various vector file formats such as .ai and .dxf. You can therefore always continue to work with your favourite graphic design software, such as Adobe Illustrator and AutoCAD.
Once you’ve uploaded the design into the program, you indicate with which parameters the product should be produced. You then indicate where your design should be placed on the material, and you’re ready to start cutting or engraving.

Why BRM?

Superior quality

A reliable machine with our ongoing quality guarantee on all parts.

Two year warranty icon.

2-year warranty

We offer a 2-year warranty on all of our new laser machines.

Icon service and support

Unparalleled service and support

We’re at the ready to answer all of your questions, wherever and however suits you best.

Seitenansicht einer BRM Pro 1600 Lasermaschine.

Installation and tutorial upon delivery

Laser engraving fanatics that stay until you know exactly how to master your machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a laser cutter?

A laser cutter is a computer-operated machine that enables you to cut a wide range of materials. Complex shapes of various thicknesses can be cut effortlessly with them. And that much more accurately and quickly than with an ordinary hand saw or sawing machine. You can also use a BRM laser cutter for engraving. Imagine the unlimited possibilities such a tool has to offer!

What does a laser cutter cost?

That depends on what you want to do with it. Are you mainly going to cut or also engrave? That is partly what determines the wattage of your laser cutter. How largewill your workpieces be? Once you know that, you can choose the machine size that best suits your application. For around €10,000, you can get our smallest BRM closed laser with a working area of 400 x 600 mm. The largest enclosed machine is available for€11,295 and has a working area of 1000 x 1600 mm. Let us know what you are looking for. We we’ll be happy to think along with you!

How does a laser cutter work?

The abbreviation 'Laser' originates from English and means: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Sounds complicated! In simple terms, it is a light beam that we call a laser. The laser cutter is operated by software. With the right settings, you tell the machine what to do. The narrow, intense laser beam melts and vaporises material in an instant. So you can cut very fast and very accurately.

What materials can I laser cut?

With a laser cutter, you can cut a wide range of materials. Such as paper, cardboard, wood, textiles, leather and countless types of plastic. Glass, stone and metal cannot be cut with a laser machine. But you can engrave them. You don't need an additional machine for that. Because a BRM laser cuts ánd engraves.

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