Slim 1300

Slim 1300

€ 10.295 - € 11.795

The Slim 1300 has the best selling size. It is ideal for start-ups or makerspaces because you can easily switch between large and small items.

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  • 2-year full warranty
  • Laser class 1, a.o. due to Siemens safety components


Every Slim is delivered with our BRM quality checklist and includes all the components needed to get started with the machine: A water chiller, air pump, red pointer, non-filtering fume extractor, honeycomb table, LightBurn software, maintenance set, our manual and one lens.

Technical specifications

Work area WxDxH

1300 x 900 x 180 mm

Maximum table load

80 kg

Size WxDxH

2000 x 1500 x 1320 mm


350 kg

Electrical load

2x 230 VAC, 50 Hz, max. 2,3 kW

Possible connections

USB-cable and network


17-23°C, 50-60%

Laser class

Laser class 1

Red pointer

Added to the laser beam’s path

Maximum speed

800 mm/s X-axis, 600 mm/s Y-axis,
40 mm/s maximum recommended cutting speed*

Maximum acceleration

15.000 mm/s² X-axis, 2000 mm/s² Y-axis


0,1 mm cutting, 420 dpi engraving*

Laser power

100-130 W / 130-160 W

Optimal power load


Life expectancy

≥ 10.000 hours at optimal power load

Included optics

50.8 mm

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Premium roller rotation
Premium claw rotation
Air supply

Software-controlled air valve

Auto focus

Ultrasonic auto focus

Turn-off delay

Timed exhaust shutdown controlled by the machine

Working table

Slat table

Filter unit

BRM Extractor L
Replacement filters:
– Pre filter
– Combined filter

Lens shaft set

Choice of:
– 38.1 mm
– 63.5 mm
– 101.6 mm

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Slim 1300

€ 10.295 - € 11.795

The Slim 1300 has the best selling size. It is ideal for start-ups or makerspaces because you can easily switch between large and small items.

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EAN: 6151138444472 SKU: 15001300 Category:

Slim 1300


Top front view of the BRM Slim 1300 Laser Machine.
Side view of the BRM Slim 1300 Laser machine.
The laser head and working field of the BRM Slim laser machine.
Siemens safety components
Fully functional LightBurn CAD/CAM software
Standaard geleverde onderhoudsset met optica reiniging gereedschap een lensschachtset en smeermiddelen.
Premium rollerrotatie, als gebruiksvriendelijkheid belangrijk is.
De klauwrotatie voor precies rondsnijden of graveren
BRM Extractor L machine
Foto van lensschacht incl alle onderdelen om deze als set te zien zoals lens, autofocusmount, nozzle en luchtknie
Reflectie vrij snijden met een Aventis rooster. Dit rooster absorbeerd het vermogen waardoor dit niet terugkaats en de onderkant van het product beschadigd.
Front view of the BRM Slim 1300
Side view of the BRM Slim 1300
Flying optic head
With the redpointer, you easily position the laser head above your material
Siemens safety components
Fully functional LightBurn CAD/CAM software
A maintenance kit comes standard with the machine
Premium roller rotation, When user-friendliness is important. On the height-adjustable rollers of the roller rotation you put your product down without clamping
Premium claw rotation, When precision matters. Using the claw and center point, clamp the product
Ultrasonic autofocus
Slat table, for specific workloads
The filter unit BRM Extractor L
Lens shaft set, 2 are included as standard
Acrylic cutting grid for reflection-free cutting


  • Icon Accuracy Edit countless materials
  • Icon time saving. Work faster, deliver faster
  • Icon no post-processing required No post-processing required
  • Icon residual material, cutting loss. Avoid cutting waste

Whatever you imagine, you can create.


With a user-friendly BRM laser machine, you cut and engrave the most varying materials.

From wood to plastics and from textiles to cardboard. And that’s not all. What would you like to create? With our machine you can make it.

Check out the applications

Processable materials

Processable materials
Metal (blanc)
Coated metals (paint, anodised)
Felt and foam
Glass and mirror
Cardboard and hardboard
Ceramics and porcelain
Natural stone, granite and marble
Acrylics, plexiglass, PMMA
PVC and PVC-containing synthetics
And many more!
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  • Can be processed with our machines.
  • Needs laser spray to get a distinctive visible marking effect.
  • Contains toxics and can’t be processed with our machines.

Studio BEE, a laser studio in Vugt.

In Studio BEE young entrepreneur Laszlo Meulman makes all kinds of beautiful creations with his BRM laser machine. During his product design studies, Laszlo became interested in the technique of laser cutting and engraving. “I really looked into it and found out that you can go in many creative directions with it.”

A personal touch

Are you considering adding a BRM laser to your location? Let's chat in person to tailor the solution to your specific needs and desires.

Eric Slotboom

Laser Machine Consultant

Eric 400x400
Eric Slotboom

Laser Machine Consultant

Eric 400x400
  • Dutch-designed
  • Affordable
  • Flawless quality
  • Fast and decisive
  • Always personal

About our machines.

The best you can get

Are you ready for the next step? We provide user-friendly laser machines that take your products and organisation to the next level. Cut and engrave countless materials quickly and extremely accurately. Avoid cutting losses and save time, because there is no need for post-processing. Increase your production capacity and reach your growth targets with a laser that meets all your requirements.

Open bed
Front top view of the BRM Slim 1300 Laser Machine.
Front top view of Pro 1300 laser machine.
Front top view of a BRM Open Bed 3000.

The Slim is suited for (starting) entrepreneurs, schools and makerspaces, among others. This basic machine is available on a smaller budget.

Check the slim

The Pro laser machine is perfect for the technical and creative sector. For example, for print and sign makers, interior constructors, model builders and architects.

Check the Pro

This machine with a – literally – open bed can handle large sheet material. This allows you to effortlessly cut large objects or easily obtain large batches from a single sheet.

Check the Open bed

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the best BRM laser for my specific application?

By answering three questions, you can make this choice a lot easier. Which materials do you process? What do you intend to do in particular? (Cutting, engraving, or both equally.) What work surface do you need? Once you have this sorted out, we will help you to determine the very best option.

Which materials can I process with a BRM laser?

A BRM laser helps you cut or engrave countless organic materials quickly and effortlessly. From acrylic to hardboard, from wood to textiles and more! The possibilities are virtually endless. Are you unsure whether your specific material is suitable? Have us test it for you. We do that free of charge. You’ll know straight away whether your application is possible.

What can I not process with a laser machine?

A lot can be done with a laser, but there are exceptions. When processing certain materials, such as PVC for instance, contaminated vapours are emitted that are harmful to one’s health and may damage the machine. We advise you not to use these materials. When in doubt, always consult the manufacturer about the exact composition, so you know whether the material is suitable for sure.

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