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Interior accessories are abundant. These differ for every style. They are also highly trend-sensitive and tend to change continuously. What doesn’t change, but actually becomes more and more important, is the desire to be able to customize. People want to bring a certain atmosphere to their living space. From living room to bedroom and from bathroom to outdoor terrace, they want to decorate and furnish everything according to their own taste. You as a maker of decorations and home accessories help them do that. You follow the trends, keep an eye on what the market wants and make sure your collection reflects that. With your range, your customers can express their identity in their interior. That’s exactly what they want!

The solution for makers of home accessories and decorations: a laser machine. With creativity, you anticipate the customer’s demand. The huge freedom in the choice of material that can be processed, combined with speed and a perfect finish, enables you to do just that.

Letters cut with the laser machine

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A laser cutter is a clever tool

How do you help your customers realize their home decor needs? What materials do you use? And which tools? You are brimming with ideas but how do you bring them to life? Do you still do lots of things by hand? Or are you ready for the next step? Opt for a clever tool and start laser cutting your home accessories. You can work with a huge variety of materials and whether you are going for flat items or three-dimensional designs, a laser machine will do the job.

Skylines are a good example of flat items that can be perfectly made with a laser machine. Extremely easy to cut out of wood or acrylic. But even with a less obvious material like foam, you can achieve a wonderful result. Lamps are other eye-catchers and atmosphere bringers in interiors. You cut out the parts so that it forms a kit that your customer can assemble themselves. Because of the design and material freedom that a laser machine offers, you can make all your products fit perfectly for any customer and any interior.

Een lasergesneden skyline van de plaats Goes.

How does it work?

Convenience is key. And even without a technical background, you can easily handle a BRM laser. After a brief instruction, you are ready to get started. It all begins with your idea, which you convert into a file in graphics software. You send this file via a computer to your laser machine. There you select the right file and adjust the settings. Put your material in the machine, close the cover and start lasering. The laser machine is equipped with powerful technology that allows you to work accurately and safely. It is a versatile, user-friendly device that lets you get the most out of your ideas.

The opportunities for decorators and home accessory makers are endless because there are many more benefits than just creative freedom. Additionally, consider the following.

  • A laser machine is a tool that both cuts and engraves
  • The laser machine is accurate up to 0.1 mm
  • Cutouts are perfectly finished instantly. No flame polishing or sanding required
  • You can upload designs from all drawing programs (AutoCAD, SketchUp, Revit, etc.)
  • Creating unique pieces or producing large quantities? You can do both!
  • The plug and play method allows you to get started right away
  • Outsourcing is a thing of the past: design and production can be done in-house
Map of Haarlem engraved on hardboard with the laser machine Mit der Lasermaschine auf Holz gravierter Stadtplan

Top-quality decorations and accessories

The following organisations make the most of the advantages of a laser machine. Each in their own way. Find out how they use their laser cutter and benefit from their experience.

De Nieuwe Kaartenmakers

The maps made by De Nieuwe Kaartenmakers focus on the depths and heights of the world. The various layers and colours make these maps real eye-catchers as wall decorations. All drawing is done using a computer and the wooden sheets are painted by hand. Then everything is cut out and eventually, all the wooden parts are glued to the map.

Founder Bram Bast has a background in graphic design and can use his creative talents to create what his customers want. ‘Without the laser, our company would not exist. Cutting this out with a jigsaw would take me a day per layer! The laser takes about an hour.’ It is impossible to imagine this design and manufacturing process without the laser machine. ‘It doesn’t get any better than this. I think the laser is the best device to do this.’

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Depth map made with laser machine
Map of Winterswijk and Buenos Aires engraved on hardboard with the laser machine


This interior design brand was born out of a passion for travelling and discovering great world cities. They started by lasering city maps on wood. But they soon discovered many more possibilities and expanded their services. Engraving photographs, for example. And now they also offer modular structures for walls, facades and ceilings. Entirely in-house: from design to realisation and implementation.

The laser machine is used on a daily basis. Co-owner EsperElin is passionate: ‘That laser is everything! We can do so much more besides the city maps. That’s what’s so cool, this versatility. The laser machine has really helped the growth of our company.’

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Create tailor-made solutions with a laser cutter

You can implement your own designs or create a completely new, customised product in next to no time. If you still have doubts about your product, a prototype can be made with your laser within the blink of an eye. Customisation is a breeze because you can cut and engrave with the same machine. This provides you with a full-service solution for the production of one of a kind pieces as well as larger volumes. A laser machine gives you complete freedom to create customised solutions for decoration and interior design purposes.

What benefits can you expect from a laser machine? Come and find out with us. Request a demo so you can see the machine with your own eyes or contact us for information about all the opportunities in your area of expertise. We’ll be happy to welcome you!

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