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Technology is becoming more important and has an increasing impact on our work environment. There is a growing demand for skilled specialists. That means that high-quality professional education is essential. This requires innovation: new techniques and methods, using the equipment of the future. It allows every educational institution to take a step forward and offer students the education they deserve. Laser machines have become indispensable in this process. At schools and universities, the laser cutter is used for prototyping and model making, among other things. Or in creative areas such as graphic design and fashion design.

Laser machines are an excellent choice for test and prototype making. In an instant, students cut and engrave their designs from a cheaper sample material of their choice. A test is made in no time! Improvements can then easily be made and tested again if necessary. When the design is completely fine-tuned, it can be made in a more expensive material. That’s is how you get a valuable learning curve with a laser machine. It is ideal for making the transition from 2D to 3D and improving students’ spatial awareness.

An asset to any educational institution: versatile, safe, fast and affordable. With a BRM laser machine, students increase their spatial insight. And turn their idea into a real product.

Two students look at the finished product.

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Provide effective practical education

Providing practical education that aligns perfectly with the corporate workplace. That is what you want to achieve as an educational institution. Because technology does not stand still, it requires adaptability. Traditional craftsmanship sometimes makes way for more modern techniques. Laser technology is a good example of that.

But what are the costs and will you make that investment pay off? Of course, a laser machine is an undeniable investment. But that investment pays off in more ways than one. Because a BRM laser cutter is an easily accessible tool for students to produce quickly. The machine can be used in many places. It allows students to not only learn how to execute but also how to think technically within assignments and projects.

In your educational institution’s innovation plans, also consider the subsidies that may be available. The government encourages the growth of high-quality (technical) education in this way. And the investment in a laser cutter will pay for itself even more easily.

When working with a laser machine within any class, rapidity is a big plus. For example, with a milling machine or a 3D printer, there are only a few tasks to complete per hour. A laser machine works much faster, allowing more projects to be covered within the same hour. And it makes no difference whether the task is technical or creative. A laser machine is a solution for any assignment.

The benefits aren’t just in versatility and speed. You should also consider the following:

  • Our laser machines categorized as laser class 1 comply with the highest safety standard
  • They are user-friendly, and after a short instruction, students can start working with them
  • Designs from many different design software programs are executed effortlessly
  • There are an amazing number of materials to work with
  • Cut or engraved parts are finished to perfection immediately
  • Laser processing is a contactless process with a limited number of moving parts. This ensures minimal wear and tear
Een docent bij Odisee Gent geeft uitleg hoe de lasermachine werkt.

For what schools are laser machines suitable?

Laser machines are increasingly indispensable for more and more educational institutions. They add value at all (secondary) schools offering practical (technical) education. They are also used in universities for research projects, test setups and prototyping. Besides, they can be found in FabLabs and are used for design and art projects. All of them benefit from the creative and technical possibilities.

The following educational institutions are successfully using their laser machine in their educational settings. Read about their approach and benefit from their experience.


Steenspil is a vocational school that prepares students for a world that is changing ever faster. They work together with colleges and the business community in their region. Their projects are in line with this. This way, students get to know the organizations in their region directly. It is important to Steenspil that students have the freedom to put their ideas into practice. Because of the versatility of the laser machine, this can be done in both technical and non-technical disciplines.

Even a material like textile can be engraved or cut. This is how patterns or images are put on a bag or jeans. The laser opens up so many more creative possibilities. At Steenspil they are excited about what students come up with and see what cool projects are created. Their lessons are renewed, more interesting and challenging by using the laser machine.

Miniature church building made of wood by laser machine
Een met de lasermachine gesneden product gemaakt door studenten van Odisee voor de maakweek.

Odisisee Technology Campus Gent

Odisee Technology Campus Ghent is a campus that focuses on the personal talents of its students and on interaction with companies from different industries. For the course ‘Design and Production Technology’, the laser machine is essential. Various disciplines are brought together to produce a sustainable design. To achieve this, they offer a complete process. From the first sketches on the computer to the real practical execution. There is plenty of room for the students’ own input.

Every year they organize the ‘create week’ in which students design and create a product using the laser machine. This is an important learning process because the student is able to safely cut something that teachers actually already know will not work. Because of the low cost, it doesn’t matter that mistakes are made. The student goes through great learning steps due to the very fact that the process is so fast and lessons are learned from mistakes.

Read the story of Odisee Technology Campus Gent

Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam – the Dutch creative college for media, design and technology

Het Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam offers vocational and secondary education. Much attention is paid to new developments and technologies. Working together, thinking creatively, and continuing to develop are just as important as professional knowledge. The students work on profession-oriented assignments that become increasingly complex. This helps to develop the students’ independence. After their graduation, they are ready for a future within the creative sector, for further education and society.

The learning trajectory is interesting and educational. Students are introduced to graphic software, design their own item and actually execute it. At first, they design flat products and later on they also execute them in 3D. This increases their spatial insight in a creative way.

Read the story of Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam

Wooden aircraft made with the laser machine

Improve your educational curriculum with a laser machine

A BRM Pro cuts out a sign that reads

As a teacher, instructor or coordinator, you are responsible for top-notch education. You keep an eye on new technologies to improve the curriculum for your educational organization. A user-friendly, safe and affordable machine could be a great help.

Discover what a BRM laser machine brings to your specific situation. Book a demo so you can see the possibilities first-hand. Or contact us for information that will help you take your school’s educational curriculum to the next level.


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