Craftsmanship with a laser machine

As an interior designer or furniture maker, you deliver craftsmanship that makes an impact on all kinds of different interiors. Your designs and products bring your client’s vision to life. That interior ultimately reflects a personality or a brand. Clients, visitors or customers feel at ease in their surroundings because of your work. And that’s exactly the point.

Interiors come in unimaginable shapes and sizes. From stores to restaurants, showrooms to offices, museums to libraries and more. Certain interior assignments are series-based work such as a line of tables on which a trendy fashion chain presents clothing. Or it may be a custom-made unique reception desk for a hotel. Delivering exactly what is asked takes time and effort: from design to execution and finally the finishes. Within that process, a laser machine offers clear advantages.

A laser machine is a valuable addition to the machine inventory of any interior builder and furniture maker. You can quickly realize designs in a wide variety of materials, there is hardly any cutting loss and everything is perfectly finished right away.

A logo engraved on a wooden table top in a restaurant.

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What does a laser machine add?

It is likely that you as an interior designer or furniture builder work a lot with wood and acrylic. A milling machine is surely familiar territory for you. It is an important tool within your profession. So, a laser machine is not necessarily a replacement. Instead, it is an affordable complementary tool for machining wood, acrylic and countless other materials.

Because you can cut and engrave with a laser machine, it offers the opportunity to expand your services. Did you previously have your sheets cut to size by an outside company? That’s no longer necessary because you can do it yourself very easily. Is decorative work requested that was difficult before? That too is no longer a challenge because your laser does it for you. This way you not only cut the parts to make a wooden storage unit but you even engrave a brand name, personal quote or print on it. That is exactly the additional service you can offer. A clear added value.

The advantages of a laser machine within interior construction and for furniture manufacturers are numerous. In addition to being able to engrave and cut countless materials in various thicknesses, consider the following:

  • Production times are short and the quality is high, hardly any post-processing is needed
  • The laser cuts and engraves to an accuracy of 0.1 mm
  • Every repeated engraving or cutting line is identical
  • You can create radius-free corners
  • Complex shapes and the finest details can be executed perfectly, allowing you to create the most unique items
  • Laser machines work in a non-machining way, there is much less cutting loss and that saves material
Interior design made with the laser machine

Expand your opportunities with a laser machine

The following interior builders use their laser machines with great success. The advantages they mention also apply to furniture makers. Continue reading and see what a laser machine can do for you.

Van Keulen – Interior constructions

Everything that takes place at Van Keulen Interieurbouw has one goal. To fulfill the wishes of the customer down to the smallest detail. They make all interior elements exactly as the client and the architect imagined. Color, shape and dimensions: everything is tailor-made. A unique interior for every customer.

They handle the complete in-house process from design to the final interior. New developments and techniques are followed so that they can continue to execute the entire process perfectly. Their previous CNC machines were mainly used to work with wood. Only they could not deliver the required capacity. A laser machine was a welcome addition to their machine range because it enables them to do much more than just process wood.

Meanwhile, the CNC- and work preparation departments are no longer needed when, for example, producing sandwich trays for supermarkets. The plastics department can now do that independently. They also save on materials because a laser machine does not involve chipping. That means: no mess and hardly any waste or cutting loss. And cutting edges are immediately perfectly polished. The laser machine ensures a more efficient production process at Van Keulen. More capacity, more materials to be processed, less post-processing and as a result save on costs.

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Containers for sandwiches made with the laser machine
Ball pit with parts cut by the laser machine

Ballen Enzo – Interior construction – Decoration

Ballen Enzo makes playing extraordinary! They design and create interactive games and play zones or even complete locations. They do this through new construction, but with their knowledge of architectural and interior design, they also help existing locations to reach a higher level.

Now, Ballen Enzo has two BRM laser machines that have become indispensable. All parts for their unique products that can be found in many indoor playgrounds are made with the use of these two lasers. When selecting materials, they immediately check whether they can also be processed with their laser machine. ‘We’re totally hooked on it,’ they say.

The speed of the machine and the dimensional accuracy of the items that come out are important. And in addition, there are advantages over a CNC milling machine. The laser machine works much more accurately and you can create square angles with it. A good number of the products that Ballen Enzo provides cannot be made without a laser machine. If that had to be done by hand, it would be unaffordable.

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Create furniture and interiors with a laser cutter

Every interior or furniture builder has his or her own challenges and desires. To some, a laser machine provides extra efficiency. While the other benefits from the additional creative possibilities a laser offers. Come see a BRM laser with your own eyes or contact us directly so we can tell you what a laser machine can do for you.

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A life-size house, made with the laser machine of wood.
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