Making an impact with a model

In architecture, model building and scale model making, the execution of the model is leading. This is how you really make an impression. Your design comes to life and clients or customers can suddenly picture themselves in the design you have made for them. Yet making a model or building a model is not always easy. Keeping the right proportions and cutting them out accurately requires craftsmanship, and the finishing touches require special attention. And all this takes time. Time that can be put to better use in trying to make even more customers happy.

The solution for every architect, scale modelers and model builders: a laser machine. Quickly, safely, effectively and affordably convert your designs into high-quality scale models and replicas.

Een maquette van een appartmentencomplex gemaakt met de lasermachine.

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Constructing your own scale models

For those who have great ideas and create the most beautiful things both on paper and digitally, but lack the skill to convert this vision into a 3D model, a laser machine offers a solution. And even if you do have the skill, it delivers an unparalleled result in a fraction of the time. It makes your workflow not only more efficient but also definitely cheaper. Besides, you no longer need to outsource the work of making a maquette or building a scale model if you don’t have the skills in-house. The laser machine does the work for you.

A fully laser-cut model house at Miniworld Rotterdam.

How does it work?

Our laser machines are assembled using the latest technology and the most accurate and safest systems. The end product is therefore a versatile device that can be used for almost any application – from machining a variety of materials to the most detailed cutouts. Building replica’s or scale models becomes a matter of hours, not days, thanks to the machine’s ease of use and speed, its many software integrations and various other advantages.

The possibilities of a laser machine for building miniature models and architectural replicas are endless, and the advantages are not limited to speed and efficiency. You can also think of the following:

  • The laser cuts and engraves with an accuracy of 0.1 mm
  • You can upload designs from all drawing programs (AutoCAD, SketchUp, Revit, etc.)
  • Laser technology can be used on a wide range of materials
  • Cut-outs are immediately finished off properly
  • You can get started right away

Top-quality scale models

The following pioneers in scale modeling making and architectural model making are already using one of our laser machines. Find out how they use their laser cutters and get inspired.

Scale model of an apartment building made with the laser machine

Team V – architecture

Innovation predominates at the architectural firm Team V. Every project delivered by the firm’s architects is innovative, daring and at the heart of society. Complex projects such as railway stations are the firm’s expertise and this requires concept models that flawlessly represent the essence of these projects. Details in the three-dimensional representation of a concept really make a difference here.

In order to shape the concept models as beautifully and realistically as possible, Team V uses a laser machine. Where the process was previously done by hand, the machine offers the speed, accuracy and efficiency they were looking for.

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Miniworld Rotterdam – miniature model building

The attraction of a miniature world remains as strong as ever. Miniworld Rotterdam demonstrates this too. Here the city has been reconstructed in detail on a scale of 1:87 and this attraction still attracts many visitors. The past, present and future of Rotterdam are framed in Miniworld by beautiful models of famous neighbourhoods and impressive icons that shape the skyline of the city.

The miniature models in Miniworld are each made with a BRM laser machine. Thanks to the high accuracy the models can be realistically recreated and Miniworld visitors can count on an impressive experience.

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A model building at Miniworld Rotterdam, made with the laser machine.
Scale model of an apartment building.

Spaaij – scale modeling

Spaaij Maquettebouw proves that model making is a unique discipline in itself. Projects from every field are submitted to these specialists to be worked out as scale models – from apartment buildings to new housing estates and shipbuilding. The models are usually constructed from acrylic, which lends itself well to being processed with a laser cutter. Spaaij’s production level has therefore increased considerably after the transition from manual to automated laser cutting. This does not mean, however, that the passion for the profession has deminished with this new work process.

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Model building or miniature scale modeling with a laser cutter

Creating a beautiful and solid scale model takes attention and time, but the result can make the difference between convincing your customer or audience or not. So bring your vision to life with your own laser machine for model making and scale construction. Thanks to the versatility of our machines, there is bound to be a model that matches your vision and speeds up the work process considerably. For both small projects and large-scale jobs, a laser machine offers a solution in architecture, scale construction and model layout construction.

Discover for yourself what a BRM laser machine has to offer! Request a demo and see the machine in action or contact us for additional information about the convenience of a laser machine in your field of expertise.

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The laser machine cuts out a part for a wooden model house.
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