How to laser engrave or cut foam

Foam is a great material that’s perfectly processable with a BRM CO2 Laser! Engraving and cutting foam is efficient and very precise. Foam is often used in industries like packaging, transportation, and soundproofing.

But foam isn’t only used for these applications, it’s also used for artistic reasons, think of souvenirs or photo frames. A laser machine is the only machine that can process the material so accurately without touching it at all. The laser hovers above the foam and creates the engraving and cuts from there. There’s no pressure exerted on the material and it doesn’t need to be fixed to the work surface during the engraving process. Laser technology eliminates the risk of damage during cutting or engraving that you would have with a knife, foam cutter or any other tool. Just insert the material and off you go!

Many possibilities with foam

Foam made of polyester, for example, is perfectly suitable to be processed with our BRM laser machines. A BRM laser isn’t only able to process foam but can be used to process a lot of other materials just the same.

Flight case with camera equipment protected by two lasered layers of foam rubber.

Foam engraving or cutting machine

The best machine to process foam is our BRM CO2-laser. Each type of foam reacts differently to the impact of the laser beam, so there are hardly any regular guidelines for laser cutting or engraving foam with a laser machine, but the settings can be adjusted to achieve the best results and meet your specific needs! No design is too complex for a BRM laser machine.

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