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About BRM

Why do we do what we do? Why do we work this committed for our company, our customers and partners? Because WE WANT TO ENABLE GROWTH! The growth of our team, of our sales partners and with that of our customers. This is what motivates us. Every day!

We offer growth possibilities by optimizing procedures and listening to needs. The needs of our own staff are extremely important and of course, we try to implement their wishes to enable growth for them as well. Over the years BRM created a national and international partner network which we support and motivate to achieve new goals and enable growth. Partners are taught to think and act the ‘The BRM Way’. An approach that stands for positivity, thoroughness, teamwork and energy!

The key for our partner is to improve the BRM Client Experience. In advising, demonstrating, installing and implementing the laser machine in your daily procedures and processes. We are only satisfied when we find the best solution for everyone. And when our client is so enthusiastic that he becomes an ambassador. Our goal is:

To create excited BRM-bassadors.

Not only in Europe but ultimately worldwide. Our great machines can create that growth. Growth in the broadest sense of the word. With around 2000 customers within Europe and many other corners of the world, we are strengthened in our mission. Thanks to them BRM is what it is today.

The most wonderful products have been created since 2010 using the BRM machines. Our objective is to increase the production of these fantastic creations with help of our clients. We can’t wait to receive content about the use of our machine to help create the best products around. We love to visualize growth stories and let our BRM-bassadors explain the possibilities which we made possible by providing these machines. We are delighted to convert ideas into reality and love to help you with these projects and inspire other companies with that.

The goal here is to:

Find as many inspired BRM-bassadors as possible. Those who show the potential of our machines by creating cool, crazy, innovative products but also generate jobs and companies!

A bus from BRM Lasers passes by.

Meet our Dutch team!

Look! These are the faces of Team BRM. From Winterswijk in the Netherlands, we answer questions, provide information and think in opportunities. We make sure the right question reaches the right partner in or outside of the Netherlands. We are connectors and team players.

With these very different people we are constantly working on BRM. We have different competencies, experiences and characters. We are all different, but in certain areas we really are alike: the BRM DNA.

Everyone contributes in a specific way to their own growth, BRM’s growth and the growth of the BRM community. We are very proud of that, but we do not sit back. There’s always something to change for the better. A small step every day ensures a lot of improvement and growth in the long run. We’ve been working like this for a while now, but our dreams are getting bigger and bigger. We’ve only just begun…


Managing Director


Allround Mechanic


Graduate International Business & Languages






Asst. to Managing Director


Operational Director


Operational Specialist




Development Manager
Photo Akos


Logistics Coordinator


Development Specialist


Content Marketeer




HR Specialist


Graphic Designer


Media Designer


Allround Mechanic


Operational Manager




Support Assistant

Which laser machine should I have?

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Which laser machine should I have?

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