A versatile sector

Do you work in the print and sign industry? Then you know how versatile this sector is. There are so many ways to showcase a brand or company. From facade advertising, (car) stickering or illuminated billboards to decorative applications such as wall decorations. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Your work inspires and creates atmosphere. It can be spectacular, but also very subtle. It’s all about the identity that your products give a face to: the literal and metaphorical sign that you deliver perfectly.

Een lasergesneden bord van een restaurant. Gemaakt door Vrijeruimte.

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Print- and sign branche

Everyone is familiar with signage in the form of logos or texts on signs and banners or posters that are used in a stand-alone manner. A strikingly recognizable illuminated billboard that is highly visible from the highway, for example. But signing is much more than advertising alone.

It’s also noticeable in interiors. Like in a restaurant where a clear identity is visible down to the smallest details. From the sign that welcomes guests at the entrance to the hangers in the checkroom. Or from the glasses from which fine wines are drunk to the menu with the most delicious dishes. The corporate identity can be reflected everywhere. This ensures recognizability and puts people at ease. In the production of all these very different print and sign materials, a laser machine offers distinct advantages.

A laser machine offers you the opportunity to expand your services. Having to outsource less, thereby saving time and cutting and engraving many more different products. It is a valuable addition to any organization in the print and sign industry to make corporate identities stand out even more visually.

Facade letters made with the laser machine
Several cut and engraved products made by Studio Bee.

The versatility of a laser machine

The print and sign industry is not only versatile because of all the different items that are made. All the various materials that are worked with also show this versatility. Consider paper, cardboard, glass, foam board, plexiglass, acrylic, foil, hollow-core sheets and reboard. It is a comprehensive industry that works with a variety of materials. Because a laser machine can process all these different materials, it is a valued tool.

Do you design logos or facade advertisements and order them externally? That’s no longer necessary. With a laser machine, you cut them yourself. That saves you time. In addition, you can expand your service and offer your customer even more. Design small and large items and laser cut or laser engrave them yourself. Have the same logo appear on all kinds of objects made of different materials. That’s how you can strengthen that corporate identity even more easily.

Expand your possibilities with a laser machine

Wood, acrylic and cardboard are materials that are often used for billboards, letters, packaging or displays. The role that a laser machine can play in this regard is very clear. Being able to do everything in-house from design to implementation is one of the advantages.

A somewhat lesser-known application is making stickers. For this, you might now be using several machines. To print, punch and cut. If you have a laser machine for part of that process, it saves on maintenance costs. Because laser cutting is a non-contact process. That means, among other things, that there is no wear and tear on the cutting blades. Over time, the laser source will need to be replaced. But with a lifespan of about 5 years (depending, of course, on the number of production hours and the materials used) you can really have a long time ahead.

The added value of a laser machine within the print and sign industry is not only in working faster with very different materials. Also, consider the following:

  • The quality is high, post-processing is hardly necessary
  • The laser cuts and engraves to an accuracy of 0.1 mm
  • Each engraving or cutting line is identical, which is ideal for larger volumes
  • Laser machines work in a non-machining way, there is much less cutting loss and that saves material
  • Complicated shapes but also clean designs can be executed perfectly, this way you can create the most unique products.

Make the most of the advantages of a laser machine

The following companies in the print and sign industry are taking advantage of the benefits of a laser machine. Each organization does so in its own way. Read on and see what the benefit could be for you.

Studio Bee – Signage

Studio Bee is a practical and transparent studio where you can go to brainstorm about your vision and your ideas. They stand out by delivering contemporary and refreshing designs from A to Z. You can also go there with ‘walk-in / walk out’ assignments.

‘Without my laser machine, Studio Bee wouldn’t exist,’ indicates owner Laszlo Meulman. He serves many different customers. For several companies in his region, he designed and made the logo that can now be seen on their facade. He also engraves promotional gifts. Because of the wide range of materials that can be used, he is able to find a solution for all customer questions.

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Letters cut with the laser machine
Illuminated sign cut with laser machine

Signs4U – Signing

Signs4U specializes in the signage and furnishing of international casinos and gaming halls. They provide clear signage and, for example, distance markers for slot machines that increase privacy. You can also contact them for huge outdoor illuminated billboards or indoor info displays.

Thanks to their laser machine, Sign4U buys less and makes everything in-house. Previously they milled a lot and the finishing took a lot of time. After laser cutting, everything can be glued together almost immediately and that saves them around 30 to 40% in time. That is why they do not want to do without their laser machine anymore.

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Create additional products and accelerate with a laser cutter

Whether it’s editing a variety of materials to provide extra service to your customer base or speeding up your production process, any organization within the print and sign industry can benefit from the advantages of a laser machine. Come and see us for a demonstration. We will show you what a BRM laser can do for your specific situation. You are more than welcome!

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