Before starting, make sure Illustrator "Document color mode" is set to RGB:

File => Document color mode

How to create a cutting line?

Make sure that the line color of the whole cutting line is the same. In this example, the entire cutting line is blue:


Make sure that the whole shape is closed; if that is not the case, follow these steps:

Open form

Select the pen tool.

Pen tool

Click the anchor point of the shape you want to close.


Click the other anchor point to close the shape.

Second anchorpoint

How to create engraving lines?

Make sure the line color of the engraving lines is the same everywhere. In this example, all engraving lines are red:

Red engraving line

How to save the file so it can be opened in LaserWork

LaserWork operates with an old file format of Illustrator only.

File => Save as…Save the file as .ai.

Export to .ai

From the screen that opens, choose Version: Japanese Illustrator 3

Japanese version

Click OK


Opening the .ai file in LaserWork

Open LaserWork => Click import

Import LaserWork

Open the file you were just saving from Illustrator.

Open file

The colors you specified in Illustrator are now visible in LaserWork. These colors have now become layers in LaserWork, so all settings can be adjusted per layer.

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