You have uploaded a drawing with, for example, circles into the machine. After the machine has finished cutting, you notice that the start and end points of the cutting line do not meet.


Check the mirrors and the lens

First, you can check if one of the mirrors is loose. It is also possible that the lens is loose or misaligned. If this is the case, you can carefully tighten the mirror or lens. Then run a test to see if this solves the problem.

Is the belt tension correct?

This problem can also be caused by play on the timing belts. If you are going from right to left you are traveling a different path than from left to right. Check whether the tension of the belts is still correct. The belts should not be too loose, but certainly not too tight. The belts of the Y-axis should have about the same tension.

Please read more about adjusting the timing belts of the BRM Original here.

Are the timing belt pulleys secured?

Check whether the timing belt pulleys are securely fastened. A timing belt pulley sits over an axis. The axis is round but has a small flat area. In the timing belt pulley, there is a locking bolt. If the locking bolt has loosened slightly, the timing belt pulley can rotate further than it should and there will be play. If you notice that the timing belt pulley is very loose, you need to tighten the locking bolt. Rotate the timing belt pulley until you see the locking bolt and the timing belt is no longer on top of it. Tighten the locking bolt with an Allen key. Also, check whether the timing belt is intact. There is a possibility it is damaged by the locking bolt. If the timing belt is damaged, it will have to be replaced.

Timing belt pulley

If you do not find an abnormality or if you are not sure whether something is abnormal or not, please submit a ticket so we can help you out.

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