When the Machine Protected error appears on the machine display, you cannot move the axes or continue working with the machine. The error needs to be resolved before you can continue.

Machine protected work paused

What causes the Machine Protected error?

The Machine Protected error occurs when one of the door sensors has no connection. Whenever there is no connection, dangerous situations may arise when continuing work. There is a clamping hazard, a danger of being pulled and a risk of radiation. To prevent that, the axes and the laser beam switch off when a sensor is no longer connected.

The Machine Protected error also occurs when the emergency stop is activated. Then if you want to start a program or move the axes, the Machine Protected error is indicated.

How do I solve the Machine Protected error?

When the Machine Protected error occurs, a blue light in the Reset button also lights up. This blue light allows you to determine which sensor is not connecting.

The light will be on for some time and will then quickly switch off and back on again for some time. When the emergency stop button is pressed, the light is on continuously.

When the light is on for 1 second, the problem is with the main door. This sensor fails to connect.

When the light is on for 3 seconds, the problem is at the laser source door and/or at the top left cover. One of these sensors fails to connect.

When the light is on for 6 seconds, the problem is with the front door and/or the top right cover. One of these sensors fails to connect.

When the light is on continuously, the emergency stop button is activated.

Switch panel

Once you know which sensor is causing the error, you can check whether the door / cover is open. If it is, please close it. The light should go out now after which you can press [Esc]. You can then continue your work.If the emergency stop is activated and you switch it off by rotating it clockwise, you need to press the Reset button as well. The machine will reset itself and the blue light will go out. You can start to use the machine again.

Are all the doors closed but do you still get the error message? Check which sensor might be the cause by observing the blue light and opening the corresponding door / cover. When opened, you can close the door again. That may solve the error.

I have completed all the steps, but the Machine Protected message does not disappear

Make sure you have pressed [Esc] on the display. If you click the message away and you want to do something, like starting, and the message reappears, there is probably something else wrong with the sensor.

A mechanic will have to come and examine everything and replace what is necessary. Please submit a ticket for this service.

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