The company Brandthout makes creative wall decoration with their BRM Original 90130 laser machine. For example, they make very cool maps of cities. These “city maps” are a feast for the eyes. In addition, they also engrave photos and experiment with all kinds of other materials.

Brandthout has been putting their products on the map since 2018. Since then, they have been able to work hard thanks to their laser machine, which is what the company is all about. At Brandthout we spoke with EsperElin, co-owner of the company. Among other things, she is responsible for all marketing for Firewood.

The products

EsperElin tells us more about what Brandthout does. “We started with lasering city maps on wood. But we are discovering more and more things and now we have also made beautiful maps on aluminum. All our maps are very detailed and that is why a lot of people think it is really cool to hang them on the wall. We also engrave many photos on wood, so people can send their own photo to us. Sometimes, we also get requests from companies to laser out a logo, or something similar, and we are happy to do that.”

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Most popular
Side view of a BRM Pro 1300.
Some available

Pro 1300

  • Work area 1300 x 900 x 200 mm
  • Laser power 100 or 150 W
  • Highest level of safety: laser class 1
“The laser machine has really helped our business grow.”

The hub of the company

At Brandthout they use the laser machine every day to manufacture all products. “The laser machine is everything, it ensures that we can make such beautiful city maps and that we can engrave photos beautifully. Our company would not exist without a laser machine! In addition to the city maps, we can do so much more with the laser machine and we are still discovering all those things. That is why the machine is so great; it is so versatile. The laser machine really helped the growth of our company.”


EsperElin explains the working method of creating the city maps. “We buy the wood to size, then we ensure that all panels are neatly sanded. Then, we prepare the file on the machine and then the laser can do its work. When the card is ready, we treat it with a lacquer so that it stays beautiful when exposed to UV light.”

Editing the cards on the computer is also quite a job, says EsperElin. “We use the maps from OpenStreetMap, but we still have to edit them completely. Sometimes there are too many lines that we have to remove, or we have to add lines. This way, we ensure that it becomes a nice complete map.”

BRM’s service

According to EsperElin, BRM’s service was also satisfying. “Recently, the filter of our BRM Extractor was full, so we called BRM right away. We could pick it up immediately because BRM is around the corner. It was solved in no time! We really liked the choice of BRM. You will be helped immediately with your problems.”

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