All Art Design is a decorative company that operates in different segments. For example, they create experience worlds for elderly people with dementia. They use our BRM Open bed laser machine to make the decorative elements.

The decorative company All Art Design makes thematizations for various markets. They also call themselves “mood makers”. The company makes decorations for shops, nursing homes and restaurants, among other things. They are also active in stand construction and help decorate events.

Experience worlds for elderly people with dementia

All Art Design makes all kinds of different products. “The focus is currently on the healthcare sector. And especially in the pg wards with demented elderly. We create experience worlds for those departments. That can be a visual, as a kind of wall decoration, and then we add 3D elements to stimulate the senses. We do this, for example, in terms of smell, structures and movement.”

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Machine with the largest work area
Side view of a BRM Open Bed laser machine.
Some available

Open Bed 3000

  • Work area 1500 x 3000 x 30 mm
  • Laser power 100 or 150 W

The use of the laser machine

With All Art design, the laser machine is used for various purposes. “The laser machine is a tool for us to make semimanufactures. We often cut something out and then add another action ourselves. For example, we make a bus stop for a pg ward, or a barrel organ. We then laser elements of it and then creatively assemble it. The laser is of added value, especially with larger decor elements. We do not produce in large numbers; every product is authentic.”

“If it has to be dimensionally stable, then the laser is the ideal product.”

Dimensional stability

An advantage of the laser machine is that it is accurate and 100% dimensionally stable. This is an important characteristic for All Art Design. “If it has to be dimensionally stable, then the laser is the ideal product.” They can work a lot faster thanks to the laser machine and that they have more possibilities. “The idea that you enter something, and it comes out one to one, in the right dimensions and with the right finish, that’s ideal for us. And if, for example, you give a concrete look to that lasered product, then you get a cool effect and you still have a different product.”

The company All Art Design can no longer do without the machine. “I am satisfied with my laser machine; I am very happy with it! Especially the diversity of materials that lends itself to lasering. The laser machine can be used for every budget. Whether that is for paper, cardboard, wood, Perspex or acrylic. With the laser, we can offer a solution for every customer.”

The advantage of a large work surface

All Art Design is pleased with their choice of a BRM Open Bed 150300. They are particularly pleased with the large work surface. “Because we have a fairly large bed on which we can lay full sheet material, it is also useful to laser the entire product. In the design we then also take into account the dark laser edge on the side. That way, those edges even get a decorative added value.”

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