For those seeking a practical vocational school in Zeeland, look no further than the Calvijn College in Krabbendijke. Since the beginning of 2020, the PIE department (Production, Installation, and Energy) has been equipped with the BRM 90130 metal laser, and recently, the BWI department (Building, Living, and Interior) has also welcomed a BRM laser. Their experience? It’s more than positive!

Upon entering the PIE classroom, you are immediately immersed in an impressive array of machinery. Here, students at the Calvijn College learn all facets of technology. And it shows! With the introduction of the laser machine, a new technique has been introduced: laser cutting and engraving. Adri de Kam, a teacher at the Calvijn College, shares his experiences with the assignments. “We can see that we can now skip many techniques at once. Where a jigsaw or hammer and chisel were previously used, we can now easily switch to the BRM laser.”

Many benefits for education

“Those ‘old’ techniques are actually not found in the industry,” Adri continues. “Although you may still encounter a jigsaw, the technology is much more modern. This way, we stay truly up-to-date with the industry. Take, for example, the assignment to make an outdoor lamp, where students can now work much faster. Previously, making the windows took half a day, but now they can make the drawing, cut the windows with the machine, and trust that everything is correct. The entire process is much more motivating for the students.” Due to the time savings provided by the laser machine, the Calvijn College can also easily expand its study assignments.

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Side view of a BRM Pro 1300.
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Pro 1300

  • Work area 1300 x 900 x 200 mm
  • Laser power 100 or 150 W
  • Highest level of safety: laser class 1
"Working with a laser machine is not only a more modern technique, it also motivates and excites our students!"

While some schools still have teachers operate the machines, at our school, it is the students who bear this responsibility. “Our students are responsible for operating the laser machine themselves. Once the machine is correctly set up for metal cutting, its operation is very simple. Especially for VMBO schools, this is a perfect machine!” But there are more differences between the old and new methods since the arrival of the machine. “The machine is much more precise, fully adapted to the industry, and moreover, it’s just much faster! Students work here at their own pace, which enhances flexibility.”

Thorough preliminary research

The Calvijn College did not rush into purchasing the laser machine. “We had wanted to purchase a laser machine for some time. Every year, we went on an excursion at ITM, where we encountered laser technology. When budget became available, we looked at various brands and contacted other schools in the Netherlands and Belgium to share experiences. Practical experience with the machine was very important for us, to see if we could actually use the machine for our materials.” The Calvijn College mainly uses the machine for metal, with occasional exceptions for plastic. The experiences of other schools, combined with a visit to the showroom, ultimately convinced the Calvijn College in its choice.


That you can rely on BRM Lasers for excellent service is also something Adri can confirm. “Before the holidays, we had a malfunction due to testing a new material. I contacted them and was immediately helped. Soon, I had one of the technicians on the line who could tell me exactly what to do to get the machine running again. Within fifteen minutes, the problem was solved. The service at BRM is truly excellent. It’s nice to be able to call, get a clear explanation, and quickly get back to work.”

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