Studio BEE is a laser studio located in Vught. Here, young entrepreneur Laszlo Meulman makes all kinds of beautiful creations with his BRM laser machine.

During his product design studies, Laszlo became interested in the technique of laser cutting and engraving. “I really looked into it and found out that you can go in many creative directions with it.”

Laszlo’s expertise

He has many different customers that he can serve with his expertise of the machine. For example, Studio Bee has done a lot of outdoor lettering for companies. There are several companies in the region that have a logo on the facade that was designed by Laszlo and then cut out with the laser machine from BRM. In addition, he engraves and cuts the most diverse corporate gifts. For example, leather emblems on a bag or a box that can hold wine bottles. Due to the versatility of materials that can be used, Laszlo always knows how to find a solution for its customers.

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Most popular
Side view of a BRM Pro 1300.
Some available

Pro 1300

  • Work area 1300 x 900 x 200 mm
  • Laser power 100 or 150 W
  • Highest level of safety: laser class 1
“Without my laser machine, Studio Bee wouldn’t exist.”

The laser machine is essential for Studio Bee. “Without my laser machine, Studio Bee wouldn’t exist.” Laszlo indicates that a laser machine ensures that all products look neat and that you do not get rounded corners like with a CNC mill. He is also very pleased with his choice for BRM. “BRM is a safe choice, and they are also quite competitive in terms of their pricing. Which is ideal for a start-up company.” The laser machine has become indispensable for Studio Bee.

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