BRM Lasers has become a trusted name for many educational institutions, both in the Netherlands and in Belgium. And when a machine from BRM Lasers performs well, a second purchase often follows!

“We needed more capacity in the areas of laser cutting and engraving,” says Patrick Huysmans, technical advisor and member of the management team at the Provincial Technical School in Boom (PTS Boom). “When a laser machine performs well, it’s almost natural to consider another BRM laser, and that’s what we did.” In 2016, PTS Boom acquired their first machine, a BRM 90130. This turned out to be a successful investment because exactly one year later, the decision was made to purchase a second BRM laser machine of the same model. PTS Boom offers a wide range of STEM programs, emphasizing technology, exact sciences, and mathematics, preparing students well for further studies or a career in the industry. PTS Boom serves as a stepping stone to the future for its students.

A well-considered choice

The decision to purchase both the first and second laser machines was carefully considered. “Because the purchase of such a machine is made through an investment budget, there are certain rules we must follow. For example, we are required to consider five different suppliers,” explains Patrick. “We then use an evaluation system for all our purchases, where we assess suppliers and their offerings based on criteria such as price, technical specifications, and our own school needs. The BRM laser came out on top in this evaluation. We chose this model because it perfectly matched the size of the workpieces our students produce.” PTS Boom also negotiated with other possible suppliers, but none could offer the same level of quality, price, and service as BRM Lasers. The exceptional service of BRM Lasers has won PTS Boom’s confidence.

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Side view of a BRM Pro 1300.
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Pro 1300

  • Werkgebied 1300 x 900 x 200 mm
  • Laservermogen 100 of 150 W
  • Hoogste veiligheidsniveau: laserklasse 1
"The service was crucial to our decision... The great helpfulness and enthusiasm give us confidence. They want to think along with you and help you in every way."

Reliable quality

The fact that PTS Boom decided to purchase a second machine after only one year speaks volumes about the quality and experience they have with the BRM laser. “We are very satisfied with the machines. They are always ready for use and offer excellent value for money,” notes Patrick. “Over time, we have only made one adjustment to the machine, replacing the lid from opaque glass to clear glass so we could see better what the machine was doing. Otherwise, the machines fully meet our expectations. We have never had any significant problems, which ultimately is the most important thing when purchasing a laser cutter.”

Assignments and materials

At PTS Boom, laser cutting and engraving are performed on various materials, including Graflux sheet, acrylic/plexiglass, wood, and cardboard. “The material we use depends on the assignment,” explains Patrick. “Students receive a problem statement and then work on the design in a 3D drawing program. Together, we determine which material is most suitable for the design. This provides a varied learning experience, where students are free in shape and size within the specified final dimensions.”

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