LightBurn works with machine profiles. If you have a Slim, Pro or a new Open Bed, you received a USB stick with the machine that contains the machine profile for your machine. Read here how to load the machine profile into LightBurn.

If you do not yet have a machine profile then you can create one manually in LightBurn.

Open LightBurn. On the right side of your screen you will see "Devices.


Click on it. A new screen will open. Choose 'Create Manually'.

Create manually

You will be guided through a number of screens where you have to make choices. We take you step by step through these choices.

First, you need to choose a controller. Scroll down and click on Ruida. Then click Next at the bottom of the screen.


Next, you choose whether to connect your machine via USB or UDP. Normally, you choose USB here.

(If you choose UDP, you must enter a unique IP address here. You also enter that address on the machine and they should be exactly the same. Just make sure this IP address is static and not in use by anything else).


Click Next.

In this screen you can give your machine a name and also specify the size of your workspace. Do this in mm. For example, if you have a Pro 900, enter 900 mm for the X Axis Length and 600 mm for the Y Axis Length.

Name and dimensions

Then click on Next.

You must indicate here where the zero point of the machine is located. For all closed machines, the zero point is always on the upper right (Rear Right). For Open Bed machines, it is on the bottom right (Front Right).


Click Next.

You will now see a small summary of everything you entered in previous steps.


Check the list and click Finish.

You now see a machine in the Device list. If you click on it once, you select the machine. Then click on Make Default. Then click OK and you are done.

Device list

If you have any questions, you can always mail them to support@brmlasers.com.

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