Supplied air pump

A small air pump is supplied with the BRM Original. It provides approximately 0.1 bar of pressure. You connect this air pump to the back of the laser machine. Then the air hoses are connected from the back of the machine via the Y- and X-axis to the laser head. The air hose is connected to the nozzle mount in an air coupling. The air coupling has a flow controller with which you can adjust the number of liters per minute. By turning the bolt on the air coupling, you can adjust the airflow.

Air coupling

Should I always add air?

Some materials improve when you add a little more air, whereas other materials require less air. However, it is important to always add some air. If you fail to do so, smoke can settle on the lens. Then dirt will remain on the lens. If you start cutting or engraving again, you can burn the dirt into the lens, making it unusable. The lens must then be replaced to be able to cut or engrave properly again.

If you often add relatively small amounts of air, you should check the lens more often to see if it is still clean and clean it more often if necessary.

Click here to read an article on cleaning the lens.

Hardly any air comes out of the nozzle, now what?

If there is less air than you expected, you can check whether you have opened the flow controller properly. In the air coupling is a small disc with some small holes in it. Unscrew the air coupling from the nozzle mount and check whether the holes are still completely open. If they are not or only partly open, you can pierce them with a needle or something similar.

Also, the hole in the nozzle may have become a little smaller due to deposit. Check whether this is the case and clean if necessary.

Is it possible to connect a compressor to the BRM Original without adjusting anything?

No, you cannot just connect a compressor to the laser machine. The hoses in the machine are not made for the pressure that a compressor provides. The hoses can handle about 0.5 bar, if you apply more the hoses will break. Also, the airflow will remain continuous, because there is no valve on the machine that closes when you are not working. Because of that, your compressor will run empty very quickly.Should you wish to work with a compressor, please submit a ticket and we will help you.

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