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BRM 150300

from €23.500

All BRM laser machines are standard equipped with servo motors for stability in your end product. In addition, the laser tube is cooled by a closed water-cooling system. If there is something wrong with this, the laser machine pauses, and the water cooler gives a sound signal. The accuracy of the operations is approximately 0.1 mm and the maximum running speed is between 800 and 1000 mm per second.

Laser tube 100/150W
Work area 1500 x 3000 mm
Weight 1100 kg
Dimensions 2150 x 4100 x 1200 mm
Cutting up to thickness 100W 150W
Acrylic 15 mm 20 mm
MDF 6 mm 8 mm


The machines are supplied as a complete package as standard. This means that the machines include the following accessories:

  • 63.5- & 101.6-mm lens
  • Extraction system
  • Air compressor
  • Industrial water cooler
  • Professional software

Optional accessories

BRM Open Bed 130250 laser machine.


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Icoon quality

Top quality

A reliable machine, thanks to our continuous quality assurance on all components.

icon 2 year warranty

2-year warranty

We offer a 2-year warranty on all our new laser machines.

The best service and support

The very best service and support

We are ready to answer all your questions. Whenever and however you want.

icon Installation and explanation upon delivery

Installation and explanation upon delivery

Fanatics who stay until you know exactly how everything works.

Possibilities and materials

Icon more opportunities

Create new opportunities

Expand your options with a laser machine. Stand out from the competition.

Icon variety of materials.

Material in abundance

Process countless materials effortlessly with a BRM 130250. Without residual material and without high maintenance costs.

Cardboard can be cut as well as engraved with a laser machine from BRM.
Icon of textile, can be engraved and cut with a BRM Laser machine.
Icon of rubber, can be engraved and cut with a BRM Laser machine.
Natural stone
Icon of glass, can be engraved with a BRM Laser machine.
Icon of mirror, can be engraved with a BRM Laser machine.

Watch the materials video

Watch the materials video in which all materials are shown.

A laser machine: always accurate and efficient.

The laser machines from BRM Lasers take a lot of work off your hands. In addition, they are much more accurate than manual methods. The powerful laser beam of these devices allows you to create unique designs with different textures. From SMEs to education: many professionals increase their possibilities and work more efficiently with a BRM laser machine.

Our laser machine versus a CNC mill

Within many organizations, the laser machine does what was previously done by hand. A laser machine is also often compared to a CNC mill. Therefore, here are a number of differences:

Laser CNC Mill
Speed icon
Speed Through the material in one go Layered processing
Icon accuracy
Accuracy Up to a radius of 0.1 mm Up to a radius of 2 mm
Icon no post-processing required
Finishing No finishing required Finishing, removal of knurled edges, polishing
Icon of an hourglass
Lifespan No wear-sensitive tools Regular maintenance, replace milling head
Icoon restmateriaal
Residual material No residual material More than 10% residual material


We have customers in countless industries. For example, our machines are often used in schools to improve students’ spatial insight. The machine is also often used in interior construction. Customers engrave logos on tabletops or cut logos, among other things. Even architects use our machines to make models. Other companies use the laser machine to make promotional gifts. Our machines offer countless possibilities. And we would love to show you that!

Most common branches

Icon print & sign industry

Print & Sign

Signmakers gebruiken de BRM lasermachine bijvoorbeeld om logo’s en letters te snijden uit acrylaat. Omdat er geen nabewerking nodig is, bespaart dit ze veel tijd. Ook wordt de BRM lasermachine ingezet om drukwerk te personaliseren.

Icon business gifts


Met de BRM lasermachine is het gemakkelijk om relatiegeschenken te personaliseren. Bedrijven weten door middel van gravures op bijvoorbeeld houten producten hun klanten te verrassen.

Icon model making


Dankzij de BRM lasermachine kunnen modelbouwers ontzettend snel en gemakkelijk gebouwen op schaal uitsnijden. Door de maatvastheid van de BRM lasermachine is het een uitkomst voor ze.

Icon interior construction


Interieurbouwers hebben meer mogelijkheden dankzij de BRM Lasermachine. Zij gebruiken de machine om onderdelen te maken uit acrylaat of om logo’s te graveren op houten tafelbladen.

Icon architects


Doordat architecten niet meer alles met de hand hoeven te snijden en te zagen kunnen zij ontzettend snel maquettes bouwen met de BRM lasermachine.



Scholen gebruiken de BRM lasermachine als hulpmiddel om studenten ruimtelijk inzicht te leren. De leerlingen kunnen hun ontwerp realiteit laten worden dankzij de BRM lasermachine.

Why BRM?

The best service and support

The best service and support

All BRM technicians and all our partners are internally trained by us. This way, we can optimally support our customers. We find support in a smooth, personal and professional way extremely important. Whether by telephone, e-mail, via our support portal or on location. Do you want to know more? Contact us.

icon 2 year warranty

2-year warranty

We distinguish ourselves with a standard 2-year warranty on our new laser machines, because we are convinced of our quality. From the motors to the safety switches and laser tubes, everything is continuously assessed through rigorous testing and continuous quality control.

icon Installation and explanation upon delivery

Installation and explanation upon delivery

When delivering and installing the laser machine, we ensure that you learn exactly how the machine works. Our fanatic and experienced technicians will answer all your questions. And they don’t go away until you know exactly how the laser machine works.

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