Pins and More has recently moved to a new location in Ruurlo and expects to hire two new employees soon. They have the latest printing and engraving techniques to meet the growing demand. It is a well-known name in the region for customized promotional, advertising, and merchandise products.

‘That manual that comes with it is just super easy to use.’

Accurate work and time-saving
We spoke with Chiel Potgieter, a graphic designer/DTP specialist at Pins and More. During the interview, we see a world map in the background, with all the countries where Pins and More’s customers are located. Chiel ensures everything is ready for the colleague who cuts or engraves the materials. Thanks to his preparation, everyone can work independently. Additional notes are written in the manual, which serves as a reference guide for the machine. If they don’t immediately know something, they quickly consult the manual. ‘We don’t even have to call for support. Everything is pretty much covered in there,’ Chiel explains.

According to Chiel, the BRM laser machine’s biggest advantages are precision and beautiful finishing. ‘It’s amazing how the cutting edges are smooth and perfectly finished right away. That all goes very smoothly.’

Cutting, engraving, and combining techniques

At Pins and More, the BRM laser machine is mostly used to cut plastics, such as polystyrene sheets. These sheets are first printed in full color using a UV printer and then cut into awards and medals. They also use the laser machine to engrave promotional gifts, like personalized glass plaques.

"That laser machine? Yeah, it truly simply does its thing well!"

Close connections with BRM

When Pins and More had to say goodbye to their previous laser machine, their colleague Werner thought of Ruud, who works as a Laser Machine Consultant at BRM Lasers. After the initial contact, Werner visited the showroom for a demonstration. ‘That’s when we chose this machine because it suited us well,’ Chiel says. Even after the purchase, there was frequent communication with Ruud, who provided tips to improve their work. ‘That was really great because we found it very helpful!’ While they haven’t encountered any malfunctions yet, Pins and More knows they have a direct line of support if needed.

Precise, simple, and comprehensive

Chiel describes their BRM laser with these keywords. ‘That laser just cuts right along the line with great precision.’ Even his colleagues without specific technical or graphic training can easily operate the machine and software. ‘It’s all very comprehensive, yet simple to control.’ Sometimes they come up with alternative solutions, allowing them to approach things slightly differently the next time. This way, Pins and More continues to evolve.

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