The company Lasersnijdenservice is specialized in laser cutting and engraving of various products. For example, they provide signage and are often busy making models. They also have their own Fablab, where everyone can go to make things with the laser machine. Lasersnijdenservice is an expert in modeling.

Lasersnijdenservice is active in various markets. For example, they make billboards and models. They are also very busy with promotional gifts and other customization in the field of laser cutting and engraving. The main market for Lasersnijdenservice is model and scale construction. We spoke with Hans van Ee, the owner of the company.

The products

Hans tells us what they make with the laser machine. “We actually make all kinds of things for the industry. For example, billboards, parts for hospitals and a lot for the hobby market. We usually do this in 1:32 scale and we make models for museums, for example”. For example, Hans recently recreated a huge train station in miniature together with a colleague. And almost every part is made with the laser machine. “We had no drawings of this building, only photographs. We drew it all by ourselves and then made it with the laser machine. It took us a lot of time, but the result is impressive!”

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Side view of a BRM Pro 1300.
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Pro 1300

  • Work area 1300 x 900 x 200 mm
  • Laser power 100 or 150 W
  • Highest level of safety: laser class 1
“You just couldn’t do our job with a jigsaw. You can work very quickly and with a lot of detail.”

The machine is essential

According to Hans, the laser is an indispensable link within the company. “The laser machine is our great friend. If he wasn’t there, we would simply need to stop. You just couldn’t do our job with a jigsaw. You can work very quickly and with a lot of detail. The machine can no longer be ignored within the company. Everything we do can only be done with a laser cutter; it is so precise. And you can only achieve that with a laser machine.” Hans believes that every modeler should consider buying a machine.

The work process

The working method with the laser machine is ideal for Hans. “We make drawings and we examine extensively whether everything meets the requirements. Then we load it on the laser, and it is ready in no time. And that is simply ideal for us. Everything comes out of the machine exactly as you drew it. That precision is simply not achievable by hand.”

BRM’s service

Hans indicates that he is happy with his choice for BRM. “I am a very satisfied customer. In terms of service, I can recommend everyone to choose BRM. Of course, there are also cheaper machines on the market, but cheap is actually expensive. If you want good service, you just have to choose a company that specializes in laser machines. At BRM you simply get fast and professional service and we find that very pleasant.”

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