In the 1950s, Brakels Upholstery was founded by the grandfather of the current owners, Richard and Louis Brakels. With their team of 15 people, they upholster entirely new projects for interior builders and also restore beloved furniture for individuals.

As the demand for acoustic panels increased, Brakels Acoustic Solutions emerged, providing seamless acoustic solutions that perfectly complement any interior.

It’s hard to find another company like Brakels. While there are a few major upholstery companies in the Netherlands, none of them combines it with expertise in acoustics. A knowledgeable team and a workspace equipped with modern equipment ensure that every project is delivered flawlessly. The third generation carries on with passion and dedication what was started by their predecessors.

‘Thanks to our BRM laser, the chances of errors are significantly reduced.’

Reduced chances of errors.

We spoke with Louis Brakels, the owner of Brakels Acoustic Solutions. From his computer, he prepares everything for the workshop, dividing the total into parts with markings to ensure they come together seamlessly. “This way, I can be absolutely certain that I have everything. Nothing is duplicated accidentally, and no left parts are cut when they should be right.” The operators place the fabric in the machine, select the appropriate file, and cutting can begin immediately. They no longer need to use templates traced onto the fabric and then cut accordingly, as they can now skip that step.

Work faster.

Furthermore, the work process is much faster. Simply preparing instructions and explanations requires much less time because they can set everything up in cutting files. During a large project where five pieces of fabric were cut at once, the machine took only 47 seconds. “No one can mark five pieces of fabric that quickly. And then they still need to be cut.” Doing it manually would take around 4 minutes, so in this case, they worked at least five times faster.


Large working area icon.
Größte geschlossene Maschine
Side view of a Pro 1600.
Einige verfügbar

Pro 1600

  • Arbeitsbereich 1600 x 1000 x 200 mm
  • Laserleistung 100 oder 150 W
  • Höchste Laser-Sicherheitsklasse: Laserklasse 1
‘All the parts you cut are exactly the same, no matter how many times you repeat it.’

A great advantage.

However, time savings are less important to Louis. “A custom-made sofa just needs to be perfect, and whether it takes a few hours more or less doesn’t matter to us.” The greatest advantage is the precision, which is particularly useful for intricate designs. “Sometimes, a project is so detailed that it’s impossible to cut by hand. The laser can do it.”

Brakels - Pro lasermachine

Cutting materials, templates, and more!

Their BRM laser is used practically every day. They assess each project to determine the fastest or easiest approach. Should they cut a template and then manually trim it, or directly use the laser to cut fabric or foam? Both options are possible.

Louis enthusiastically shares other interesting things they do. For a large order of acoustic panels, they created an additional item for their customer: a pen holder with personalized names and pens inside. They received fantastic feedback for it. “No one else can make something like that. These are things that only a laser can do.” As a bonus, such giveaways can lead to specific orders for more personalized items.

Brakels stofstalen in kast
‘At BRM, they do what they say: just call and they’ll take care of it.’

The added value is evident.

By searching the internet, Louis came across BRM Lasers. He and his brother Richard visited to explore the possibilities. “Less than 100 meters on our way back home, we already knew we would purchase a BRM laser. It became clear very quickly that it would truly add value to our business.” After the purchase, there was immediate contact. There was an issue with the guide rail where the cables are located. Unfortunately, there wasn’t an available slot in the schedule for the technician right away. Nevertheless, they made time quickly, and the problem was resolved promptly.

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