The ideal environmental temperature

A laser machine needs an environmental temperature of 15 °C to 33 °C. If the temperature in the room where the laser machine stands is below or above that, the machine will not work optimally. The consequences are less laser power and a lower quality of the laser beam. Obviously, you will see this reflected in your product. An engraving will look different, and it is more difficult to cut your material nicely.

Too high a temperature

If the temperature is too high, the laser machine stops automatically. The water chiller provides an overheating alert until the temperature drops sufficiently. An error indication also follows if the water temperature is too low. The water chiller produces a constant sound signal.

Too low a temperature

Temperatures lower than 15 °C may cause damage to the laser machine and/or water chiller. Is the water chiller plugged into the laser machine? If so, plug the water chiller into an external wall socket. Leave the water chiller on continuously as long as temperatures can get colder than 15 °C. Even when the laser machine is off.

Does it get colder than 5 °C? Leave the water chiller on continuously, connected to an external wall socket. And provide additional heating of the water to a minimum of 15 °C. For that, you can place an external heater between the hose of the water chiller (water chiller outlet to laser machine inlet).

Even with the external heater connected, the water chiller needs to be on continuously to make sure the cooling water cannot freeze.

Example external heater

Damage to the laser machine or water chiller due to the water temperature dropping below 15 °C is not covered by the warranty.

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