If the Z-axis of the BRM Original no longer works, there are a number of things you could check yourself.

Check the signal lamp on the machine

First, check if the signal lamp on the machine is red. If it is red, the emergency stop is still activated. Press the emergency stop button and rotate it a quarter turn, clockwise. The emergency stop rises and the red light goes out. Press the reset button on the right side of the machine so the axes go to their zero position. When the machine is ready you can check if you can move the Z-axis by pressing the Z+ and Z-keys on the display of the machine.

Is there any tension on the Z-axis?

At the front of the BRM Original is a door. It provides access to the Z-axis timing belt. Open the door. The machine must be on to perform this test!

If you have opened the door, you will see a black timing belt. It goes to the 4 corners of the machine. Pull the belt carefully. If the belt moves easily, there is no tension on the Z-axis. If it is difficult or impossible to move it, there is tension on the axis.

If there is no tension on the Z-axis, then open the door of the electrical cabinet. You will find the door on the right side of the machine, at the bottom. Make sure you don't touch anything, this could cause dangerous situations.

Electrical danger PLEASE NOTE!!! High voltage is lethal. Only qualified people may carry out these operations.

There are three drivers in the electrical cabinet. Two of the drivers are aqua-blue, and the third driver is black. The black driver corresponds with the Z-axis. There are two lights on the driver, a red one and a green one. In normal circumstances, only the green light on the driver is on. When the red light is on, it usually flashes. This indicates that there is a malfunction. If the green light is not on, there may be a defective power supply, for example.

Drivers from the BRM Original

If the green light is not on or the red light on the driver is flashing, please send us a ticket explaining the steps you have already taken. If possible, also send us a video of the driver. If the video is too large to be sent by e-mail, please include a WeTransfer link in the e-mail.

If there is tension on the Z-axis, it may be that something is stuck or that the resistance is too high, causing the axis not to move. It is also possible that the motor has a problem.

First of all, check whether the timing belt still appears to be in good condition and whether there is anything between the timing belt that could cause a blockage. If that is the case, the blockage is usually in the area of the timing belt pulleys. If you see that there is indeed a blockage, try to carefully remove the blockage. Once you have removed it, you can try to move the Z-axis again.

If the axis still does not move, press the Speed button on the machine display. Set the speed very low, for example to 1 or 2. Try to move the axis again. If the axis now moves but does not move at a higher speed, the problem is most likely in the motor.

If this is the case, or if you cannot find the solution, please submit a ticket so we can help you out. We would also like to hear what steps you have taken.

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