Please follow these steps if the Y-axis of your BRM Slim laser machine does not work

If the Y-axis of the BRM Slim does not work, first check if your rotation unit is plugged in if you have one. Unplug the rotation unit. Check if all doors are closed. All of them must be closed before the axes can move.

Next, press the emergency stop. After pressing the emergency stop, you can rotate it a quarter turn, clockwise. The button will come up now. Press the reset button. You will also see that the signal lamp changed from red to green.

After completing these steps, you can check whether you can move the Y-axis manually. If it is difficult or impossible to move, it is under tension. If the axis can be moved easily, there is no tension on it.If there is no tension on the Y-axis, get the rotation unit, provided you have one. Connect the rotation with the plug. The socket for the plug is on the right-hand side of the machine. After connecting the rotation, remove the plug from the socket to disconnect the rotation. The time between connecting and removing the plug does not need to be long.

Listen for a click when plugging in and unplugging. If you don't hear a click, you can open the door of the electrical cabinet. Make sure you don't touch anything, as this can cause dangerous situations.

Electrical danger PLEASE NOTE!!! High voltage is lethal. Only qualified people may carry out these operations.

Checking the relays

There are several relays in the electrical cabinet. When the rotation is connected, relays 100KA1 and 100KA2 should switch. Check this by looking at the relays. Usually, a light on the relay will turn on or off when it switches. A relay is a square block, often transparent. There are several relays next to each other, on the left-hand side of the electrical cabinet.

Electrical cabinet BRM Slim

Should all this work fine but the problem persists, it is best to submit a ticket describing the steps you have already taken.

In case you don't have a rotation unit or if the axis is powered and you have these problems, you can open the electrical cabinet. Make sure you don't touch anything, as this can cause dangerous situations. Verify that the red light on the driver is blinking. If it is, then it is important to count how many times the light blinks. This may be 4 or 7 times.

Send in a ticket mentioning the steps you have already taken and how often the red light is blinking.

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