Please follow these steps if the Y-axis of your BRM Budget does not work

When the Y-axis of the BRM Budget does not work, first press the emergency stop. Then turn the emergency stop, clockwise. The emergency stop rises. Click on the Z/U button on the display. Go to Axis reset+ and press the Enter key. Choose XY axis reset. The axes will now reset, back to the top right corner.

The next step is to move the Y-axis by hand. If it can be moved freely, there is no tension on it. Lower the table a little. On the right, you should see two switches. These are the switches you flip when you want to work with the rotation unit. Both switches must be in the same direction.

Flip both switches over and back again. Now try to move the Y-axis again. Is there any tension now? If not, flip the switches. Is there any tension on the Y-axis now?

If there is still no tension on the Y-axis, please submit a ticket so we can help you out.

If during the first moment of moving the Y-axis by hand, you feel tension and cannot move it, the driver may malfunction. Open the door of the electrical cabinet on the right side of the machine. In the electrical cabinet, you will find drivers. These are usually 3 black drivers that are placed next to each other on the right side of the electrical cabinet. Make sure you don't touch anything, this can cause dangerous situations.

Electrical danger PLEASE NOTE!!! High voltage is lethal. Only qualified people may carry out these operations.

Drivers BRM Budget

There are two LED lights on the drivers, a red light and a green light. Usually, only the green light is on while the red light is off. When the red light is on, it usually flashes several times, often either 3, 4 or 7 times. The red light indicates that there is a problem.

Please send us a ticket if you notice the red light is on, so we can help you out. We would also like to know how often the red light flashes.

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