If you have a BRM Original, chances are you have a red pointer. The red pointer allows you to see a guideline that can be useful when you want an indication of where you will be cutting or engraving.

The red pointer follows roughly the same path as the laser beam with which you cut / engrave. But these two elements must be seen as independent of each other. When adjusting mirrors, for example, the guideline is never used as an indication. Also, the guideline can suddenly deviate without affecting the laser beam you are cutting / engraving with.

How do I adjust the red pointer?

First, check if the laser power switch on the right-hand side of the laser machine is on. If it is on, it is important to check the mirror alignment completely. If the alignment is incorrect, the guideline may not be visible.

After you have checked the mirror alignment please look further. If you have had to adjust the mirror alignment, then check whether the guideline is visible after aligning the mirrors.

If the guideline is still not visible, position the laser head in the lower right-hand corner of the machine. Stick a piece of masking tape on the work area and pulse. Leave the laser head in place but put the table at the bottom of the machine. Take the lens shaft out of the laser head. Now you can adjust the red pointer.

The moment you open the door where the red pointer is, the guideline will disappear. So you have to guess and adjust in several small steps. Close the door after adjusting a little bit and see if the red dot appears on the piece of masking tape

There are quite a few bolts on the red pointer mount. In the photo below, you can see that some of the bolts have a green checkmark. Use these bolts to adjust the red pointer. Do not use the other bolts.

Adjust red pointer

The bolts work together: if you adjust one bolt, you must also adjust a second bolt. When you rotate the bolts on the top or bottom as a set, you change the height of the guideline. Adjusting both bolts on the left or right as a set causes the guideline to move to the left or right.

If you notice you cannot continue to rotate the bolts in or out, use the one on the opposite side. For example, if you want to tighten the bolts on the right side but can't, you can slightly unscrew the bolts on the left side.

It doesn't work, now what?

If you have the mirror alignment all sorted out and still can't get the red pointer to align, you could check to see if the red pointer comes on when the door to the laser source is closed. Get a camera or use your mobile's camera. Make sure you can make a video.

Position the camera or telephone near the red pointer, facing it. Make sure the camera is recording. Close the door and leave the door closed for a moment. Then open the door and check the video. Usually, you will see a red glow on the video: that is the red pointer. If this glow is missing, please create a ticket and we will help you.

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