Why do you have to reset the machine when you turn it on?

When you switch on the machine, it needs to be referenced. The X and Y axes then move to the top right corner and the Z-axis goes to the 0-position. The axes then go towards a sensor. When the axes reach the sensor, the axes know where their zero point is. From this zero-point, the machine knows where the limit is and where the axes must stop to avoid collision with the machine body.

If referencing is not done or not done properly, the axes do not know where they are positioned in the working area and how far they can continue moving sideways, forwards or backwards. This can cause collisions with the machine body.

Every machine starts up in a so-called 'emergency state', as shown by the red signal light on the machine. Depending on the type of machine, the reset button may be located in a particular spot:

  • BRM Slim: on top, right above the display, the blue button with a LED.
  • BRM Original: on the switch panel on the right side, the silver button with a green LED.
  • BRM Pro: on the switch panel on the right side, the silver button with a blue LED.
  • BRM Budget: on top, right above the display, the blue button.

PLEASE NOTE! The reset button on the display is different, it is not needed for these actions.

Because the machine wants to do the referencing during start-up, the reset button needs to be pushed immediately, so it has clearance to do that. If not, the machine will try to refer for some time (indicated by the pop-up on the screen) but will fail.

The axis stops too early / The axes stop too early

Do the axes stop before the sensor is reached? Then the sensor(s) may have moved, and the magnet (BRM Original) may have moved too. If the axis stops / the axes stop too early, the machine sees this as a new zero point. As a result, the laser head can move too far to the side or front of it, which can cause it to collide. This problem needs to be fixed before you can use the machine.

Make sure that the sensor and magnet (if there is one) are not displaced. If the magnet is dirty, clean it. Check whether it is still intact; if it has a crack, it needs to be replaced.

Referencing sensor

Magnet mounted Y-axis

Reference sensor mounted Y-axis

X magnet en reference sensor

BRM Budgets and Slims have a switch sensor with a silver lever. Check that lever has not adhered. If necessary, bend it back slightly. If this does not solve the problem, the sensor may be defective. If the lever has broken off, the sensor will have to be replaced.

Micro switch

Micro switch mounted open Micro switch mounted closed

The BRM Pro has optical gate sensors. When the sensor is connected, a red light in the sensor is on. On the X- and Y- axes there is a small metal plate, which fits into the opening of the sensor. The sensor registers this so the axes will stop. If a problem occurs, the small metal plate may be slightly bent. See if bending the small metal plate solves the issue.

If the axis does not move towards the sensor, it may be that the sensor is dirty. Clean the sensor with a damp cloth.

Optical gate sensor

Optical gate sensor mounted

The axis does not stop / The axes do not stop

Is one of the axes not stopping and does it seem as if it wants to continue while reaching the sensor? Then the sensor does not notice the axis is already at the sensor. On a machine with a stepper motor, you will hear a rattling noise, indicating that the axis wants to continue. Turn off the machine to avoid breaking anything. On a machine with a servo motor, you will hear a bang. The motor is de-energized. The corresponding axis will then no longer move.

The cause may be a defective sensor or a broken cable. It is also possible that the magnet (in the case of the BRM Original) has become loose and is not detected adequately. If there has been a fire in the machine, the magnet may have lost its strength, causing the sensor not to notice it and allowing the axis to move too far. If there has been a fire, you should replace the magnets in the machine to ensure that this problem does not occur. It might also be that the magnet is dirty, then please clean it.

With the optical sensor, the small metal plate that must pass through the opening may not be aligned correctly. As a result, the small metal plate is not detected and the axis moves too far. Turn the machine off. Move the axis towards the sensor manually and check whether the small metal plate passes through the sensor correctly. If not, you can carefully bend the small metal plate. Also, check that nothing has broken off.

The machine does not reference / The machine does not reference all axes when performing the reference

Check whether the emergency stop is pressed. Press the emergency stop. After pressing, turn the emergency stop by one-quarter clockwise so it rises again. Then press the reset button. Try referencing again. Are all doors and covers closed? You cannot reference when a door / cover is open. With an unclosed door / cover, the machine will be in a secured state preventing the axes from moving and the laser from working.

If these tips don't resolve the problem, please send us a ticket, so we can take a look from there and possibly schedule a technician to solve the issue.

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