Why does oxygen need to be added when cutting metals?

A 150 W laser source on its own has too little power to cut through metals. By adding oxygen, you feed the fire so you can get enough power into the material and cut it. By doing so, you compensate for the power of the laser source.

What is the required degree of purity for the oxygen?

The minimum recommended degree of purity for the oxygen is 3.5. You want your oxygen to be as pure as possible. That allows you to cut faster and also gives you a better result. If you take oxygen with a purity degree of less than 95%, getting a better result becomes a real challenge. The production speed will also have to be reduced. In case of cutting problems that you cannot solve, choosing pure oxygen (with a higher purity degree) can be the solution.

How do I connect oxygen?

The BRM90130-X and the BRM Budget90130-X both have an O₂ connection at the back of the machine. Do not confuse the oxygen connection with the air connection! The air connection is the connection for the air pump.

The oxygen must be connected to the O₂ connection. A maximum of 8 bar oxygen is allowed. That means you must use a reducing valve to reduce the oxygen from the tank to a maximum of 8 bar. This reducing valve is not included in the machine.

Most oxygen tanks have a screw connection. The machines do not work with a screw connection but with a 6 or 8 mm push-in fitting. BRM takes care of everything built into the machine but not of anything from the push-in fitting to the oxygen tank.

The oxygen pressure cannot be regulated in the machine. You need to regulate it at the oxygen tank with the reducing valve. The pressure is allowed to be 8 bar at the most, but it can also be less.You can shut off the oxygen completely between every cutting task to ensure no oxygen escapes. But this is not necessary.

If your machine is in metal mode, it will automatically start using oxygen.

What do I need to do to safely disconnect the oxygen tank?

If you need to change the oxygen tank, first close the tank completely. Then press the dot button on the display of the laser machine. The oxygen line is opened for a moment. This will vent the lines. After a few seconds turn it off again. You can now disconnect the hose. Unscrew the reducing valve and place it on a new oxygen tank.

Before connecting or disconnecting an oxygen tank, it is important to be aware of the potential dangers and how to deal with any problems.

If you cannot work this out, please send us a ticket and we will help you.

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