TherMark LMM-14 is a laser spray that can be used to mark certain metals with a CO₂ laser.

Laser marking with TherMark LMM-14 is possible on a large number of metals. TherMark LMM-14 gives great results on chrome-plated stainless steel, aluminum, silver-plated brass and gold-plated galvanized steel. It is however necessary to make some samples to determine which machine parameters are needed. The underlying material, laser type, power and speed all affect the final result. It is also important to apply an even layer of TherMark LMM-14.

How do I use TherMark LMM-14?

TherMark LMM-14 is ready for use. Shake the spray can vigorously for a few minutes. Make sure that you can hear the ball rattling in the can. Then continue shaking for 2 minutes. If the spray can is not shaken well, the coating and the solvent cannot mix well. This will cause the nozzle to clog. When this happens, the TherMark LMM-14 cannot be applied evenly to the material.

Make sure that the material you want to engrave is free of grease and dust. You can degrease the material with alcohol. After you have degreased the material, apply a thin, even coat, in one or two passes, to get the best results. Make sure the coating is completely dry before you start marking! It takes a few minutes to dry if you have applied a thin, even layer. You can also place the wet object in an oven or use a hair dryer to dry the coating if you are pressed for time.

If the coating is applied too thick, it takes more time to dry and much more power from the machine to achieve a good result.

TherMark LMM-14 dries as a powder that is easy to remove after marking. It is recommended not to mark the material too long after applying the TherMark. Be careful not to touch the coating as it damages quite quickly. Unfortunately, we cannot give an estimate of the total surface area that can be coated. This depends on the thickness of the coating and whether you apply 1 or 2 layers.

After marking, the coating can be rinsed off the material with lukewarm water. TherMark LMM-14 provides a semi-permanent, black-colored marking on the material.

A plate marked with TherMark LMM-14

How do I store the TherMark LMM-14?

When you are finished using the TherMark LMM-14, make sure you turn the spray can upside down and spray. This will keep the nozzle open. Store the spray can by laying it down on its side. After opening, the TherMark has a limited shelf life, keep this in mind.

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