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The laser machine works with a laser beam. This laser beam travels from the laser source via mirrors to the lens in the laser head, after which the laser beam reaches the material. If you notice that the laser power is decreasing, the results are not as nice as you are used to or there is no laser beam, it is important to check if the mirror alignment is still optimal. If the mirror alignment is not optimal you will not get nice lines and you may also have to use more power.Of course, it is also important that the lens and mirrors are perfectly clean. The coating should be flawless, there should be no haze or burn-in and if there is a crack in the lens, it will also affect the cutting result. Ideally, you should clean everything first and then check the mirror alignment.

The video below shows step by step how to align the mirrors.

If you also have a shadow line, you can find more information about it in this article: Double cutting line.

Instruction video

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Which laser machine should I have?

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Which laser machine should I have?

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