Linear guideways

The BRM Original has linear guideways. In this case it means it operates with a trolley with guide wheels and not a bearing block.

Guidewheel at laserhead

Y-axis guideway

It's important the linear guideways are and remain in good condition to ensure that the trolleys run well and smoothly. It's also essential that the guide wheels are well-rounded and do not fit too tightly or too loosely.The linear guideways must be completely intact. There should be no scratches, cracks, grooves or anything else on the linear guideways. They also need to have a polished shine to them and not be dull or stained.

If the linear guideway has scratches, cracks, etc., then so much force has been applied that the linear guideway has been damaged. You can also notice this in the guide wheels. If you feel that the trolley runs smoothly, tightly and smoothly again, then the guide wheels are no longer round but have become somewhat oval. This is therefore a sign that the wheel(s) are broken. If the wheels are no longer round, then they will have to be replaced. If the linear guideways are worn out or broken, they should be renewed as well.

If any of the parts need to be replaced, you can submit a ticket to schedule an appointment with a technician.

Maintaining the linear guideways

The linear guideways must be well maintained to ensure that their lifespan will not be shortened. Make sure that the linear guideways are perfectly sound and clean at least once a week. They are not perfectly clean if you can see dust on them or if they are bone-dry. Linear guideways are also not clean when they are no longer in a polished, shiny condition.

If the linear guideways are no longer in good condition, the first thing to do is to clean them. Take a paper towel and wipe the linear guideway completely clean and dry. Lubricate them with a thin film of sewing machine oil. No oil should drip off the linear guideway, there should instead be only a thin film on the linear guideway. Move the laser head from left to right and back again. The same applies to the bridge, moving it from the front to the back and vice versa so the whole length of the linear guideway is covered.

If the linear guideways are filthy after moving them back and forth, the guide wheels will be filthy too. When this happens, put a thin piece of paper on the linear guideway. Move the head or bridge over the paper so it will absorb the dirt. Once the paper has absorbed the dirt, re-oil the linear guideways with a thin layer of sewing machine.

You can use a low-viscosity oil with good adhesion if you do not have any sewing machine oil. A high-speed oil will also do just fine. If you use the wrong oil the performance of the machine will decline. Also, if you use high viscosity oil or grease, you will experience resistance from the oil / grease. It can even be that when you use grease, it will absorb the dirt. If that occurs, you will have to lubricate 3 or 4 times a week because the whole area will quickly become very dirty.

Please submit a ticket if you are unable to solve the problem and we will help you.

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