To keep you up to date with the newest LightBurn software you can download it directly from their location here.Please beware! This is only for re-downloading if you already have a license. To procure a license please send us a ticket.

Standard softwares

Machine Last upload Version Link
BRM Original 03-05-2021 6.33.44 Download
BRM Budget 31-05-2021 8.00.29 Download
BRM Auto Feeding 31-05-2021 8.01.19 Download
BRM Original Metal 31-05-2021 1.33.12 Download
BRM Budget Metal 31-05-2021 1.00.16 Download

LaserCut 5.3

LaserCut 5.3 software is machine-specific, this includes calibrated configurations.

Submit a ticket and we will help you find the right software. This ticket requires the following information

  • Machine model (X + Y size is sufficient)
  • Hybrid or stepping motors
  • Picture of the display
  • Picture of the motherboard (this can be a green PCB or a grey plastic housing)

All text in the pictures must be legible.

LaserCutEngrave 3.3

You can download the LaserCutEngrave 3.3 software here.

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