How to process rubber with laser technology

Rubber is perfectly processable with a BRM Co2 laser! Making detailed personalised stamps, for example, is one of the most efficiënt ways to process rubber and also with extreme precision.
Rubber is a very elastic material. This makes processing rubber normally a hard task. When cutting or engraving rubber with a knife or any other machine the end result will be ragged most of the time. With a Co2 laser processing rubber becomes efficiënt, fast and precise!

Many possibilities with rubber

Because rubber is both strong and elastic and also form-retaining and flexible, this material is widely used in processes and products that suffer from the effects of all kinds of forces. Such as:

  • Car Tires
  • Shoe Soles
  • Bicycle saddles
  • Office supplies
  • Signage
  • Art
  • Recycling

Rubber contributes to the safety, durability and ease of use of various products in numerous ways. Without us being aware of it, we use multiple objects in which rubber is used every day.


Rubber is so elastic due to the extremely low stiffness of the material. Rubber is made of latex. This substance is extracted from among others the Brazilian wonder tree. Rubber is therefore a natural product originally. There is also a synthetic rubber which is made from petroleum. Synthetic rubber has been produced because the demand for rubber is greater than the supply that rubber tree plantations can provide.

Cutting and engraving of rubber stamps

When pressure is applied to rubber, this material always regains its original shape automatically. This makes rubber ideally suited for stamps with which prints are made on paper. With a laser machine, you can quickly and efficiently create rubber text and image plates for office stamps. The text to be printed is reversed and mirrored in the rubber text plate. This is necessary to get a readable print.

With a CO2 laser machine from BRM Lasers, you can make stamp rubber with texts, logos or photographs. The following types of rubbers can be handled with a laser machine:

  • natural rubber
  • microporous foam
  • silicone rubber
  • synthetic rubber

A lot of dust is released when engraving rubber with a laser beam. Make sure that your laser machine is well extracted. Parts such as the lens, mirrors and electronics are very sensitive to dust. When processing rubber our recommendation is to cut or engrave the material with a BRM extractor connected to the laser machine so that the process won’t harm the machine.

Rubber laser machine

The best machine to process rubber is the BRM CO2-laser. Each type of rubber reacts differently to the impact of the laser beam. So, there are hardly any regular guidelines for laser cutting or engraving rubber with a laser machine. But the settings can be adjusted so you can achieve perfect results to meet your specific needs! No design is too complex for BRM laser machines.


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