How to laser cut paper and cardboard

Working with cardboard or paper? A BRM CO2 laser is extremely useful for laser cutting or engraving a wide range of materials. Paper and cardboard are just a few examples of those. Laser cutting puts no pressure on the material, so no rips or creases will arise. Engraving is possible, without damaging the rest of the material. Just as with all other materials, laser cutting is a contactless process. It can create detailed precision cuts that no other machinery can provide. There are many ways to cut cardboard and paper but hardly any are as effective as laser cutting. Our laser cutting and engraving technology is ready for any of your awesome ideas!

Countless possibilities with paper and cardboard

With countless uses and tremendous popularity, laser cutting paper is a great way to create crafts, signs, decorations and more. Paper is affordable and easy to use for very diverse applications. For example scrapbook materials, invitations, greeting and business cards. Cardboard has more strength, that makes it an ideal choice to create packages, boxes and displays.


A BRM laser machine enables you to create detailed precision cuts and engravings that are impossible to be made by hand. Imagine cutting a complex pattern by hand. Less accurate for sure and way more time-consuming! The rapid laser technology guarantees a much faster process. And of course, the cuts are of high quality. Consistency with any possible design you can think of, for personal or professional use. You can cut surprising shapes, create impressive engravings and design items that are impressive to the eye.

Paper and cardboard laser machine

When cutting cardboard, a higher power is required than when processing paper. It’s also possible to create a folding line by lasering about half of the material so then it can be folded over the sharp lasered vector fold lines. With somewhat finer materials, a slightly lower power is used so the cutting lines remain nicely thin. The smoke that originates during laser cutting of paper or cardboard reduces the heat on the workpiece and can be extracted directly by a BRM Extractor. With every BRM machine in our portfolio we can provide a suitable BRM Extractor.

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