Natural Stone

Stone laser engraving machine

Stone engraving is often done by using the BRM lasers! Our clients use the machine to engrave many kinds of stone like granite, sandstone, limestone and bluestone. Unfortunately cutting stone isn’t possible because it requires too much power to cut the material and would also produce too much pollution. However, engraving stone with a Co2 laser gives beautiful results! The laser beam leaves a mark because of its heat which creates a spectacular effect on the surface of the stone.

Possibilities with stone

The best results created by the BRM machines are often made in the darker types of stones like marble or granite. These are realised when the stone is polished or when the stone naturally has a close-grained smooth structure. To make the results look even more astonishing our clients sometimes put waterproof paint on the engraved surface to highlight it.


The technique of engraving stone is mostly used in the memorial industry. Smoothly polished gravestones are an ideal surface for the BRM lasers to process. Especially black stones types like marble or granite give a very precise and beautiful result. Another application when it comes to engraving stone is engraving wall or floor tiles. For example, name signs or tiles for projects as ‘The Walk of Fame’. Or the particular memorial stone with an inscription that is often seen on buildings: ‘First stone placed by…’ But also, in the interior branch laser engraving is a commonly used technique.

Stone laser engraving should not be confused with the etching of stone. Etching is a manual process. That, of course, makes it less accurate. Another possible technique to inscribe stone is sandblasting. Unfortunately, that technique is also less efficient and precise. The best solution to engrave stone cleanly and precisely will always be laser engraving with a BRM Laser machine!

Stone laser machine

BRM has machines that go up to 150-watt power. Not only hard stone materials are processable by the machine, but also materials like ceramics or porcelain look awesome when engraved by the BRM lasers. Each type of stone reacts differently to the impact of the laser beam. So, there are hardly any regular guidelines for laser cutting or engraving stone with a laser machine. But the settings can be adjusted so you can achieve perfect results to meet your specific needs! A BRM CO2 laser machine is a great solution for engraving stone!

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