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CO2 lasers

BRM CO2-lasers are machines that are capable of engraving metals. To be able to do so it is necessary to apply a layer of Cermark or Thermark to the material, this is to hide the material’s reflective layer for precaution measures. If the spray isn’t used the possibility that the laser reflects off the material is present, which can cause damage to the machine.

Cermark is a quick and easy way to add laser markings to many metals. Stainless steel, copper, and nickel can be engraved with a BRM laser machine using the Cermark or Thermark spray. The results are beautiful!

Fiber Lasers

Thanks to the ten times smaller wavelength than a CO2 laser beam, a fiber laser beam easily engraves hard materials such as (precious) metal. If you want to engrave something on metal with a CO2 laser machine, you must first pre-treat the material with a spray. This is not necessary for a fiber laser machine. The high beam quality and small focus spot of a fiber laser beam guarantee a fine and precise cut, which allows you to work both quickly and carefully. And that without distorting the surface. A fiber laser skips the melting phase.

Efficiency and Security of the Fiber

Efficiency plays an important role in commercial applications of markings. A fiber laser beam requires relatively little power to achieve a high beam quality. This is related to the optical qualities of glass fiber; the fiber not only creates a laser beam by adding electricity, but it also conducts this beam. In a fiber laser machine, therefore, fewer separate parts (such as mirrors) than in a CO2 laser machine are required to create a targeted and reliable laser beam. This makes a fiber laser machine less vulnerable to dust particles and less maintenance-sensitive than a CO2 laser machine. But also safer: a fiber laser works vapor-free.

The efficiency of a fiber laser machine is also at its speed. This machine converts a relatively large amount of power into speed. To be able to work just as fast with a CO2 laser machine, much more power is needed. A fiber laser machine is already supplied with an output of 20 watts. The minimum power required by a CO2 laser machine soon reaches 80 Watt.

Which laser machine should I have?

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Which laser machine should I have?

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