How to laser cut hardboard

Working with hardboard? Cutting an object out of hardboard or engraving hardboard; that is what our laser machine can do for you effortlessly. Hardboard is used in many different products and for many different uses. You can use hardboard as a packaging or protection material for instance.

Hardboard is easily cut, engraved and marked by our BRM Laser machines, that is a big advantage compared to the traditional way hardboard is handled. It is very difficult to saw hardboard. But, with a BRM Laser machine it is very easy to handle hardboard and shape it the way you want to! Sawing hardboard is a piece of cake from now on. With the contactless process of a BRM laser, you can saw hardboard without fixating it. This saves time and ensures the material will not break. Cutting with an BRM Laser also prevents splinters on the cutting edges. And engraving makes it possible to personalise every product that is made of hardboard and enables you to make personal gifts.

Many possibilities with hardboard and softboard

It is a material that has very many purposes. That is because of the specific qualities of hardboard. Hardboard is a material that consists of many different layers of wood pressed together. It is harder material than softboard and smooth on both sides. Softboard consists of very small wood fibres that are pressed together. There’s no glue added in the fabrication of softboard because of the lignin that’s already in these fibres functions as glue. Softboard is especially suited for flatting out surfaces, isolating and soundproofing.

Hardboard and softboard laser machine

The best machine to process hardboard or softboard is the BRM CO2-laser. Each type of board reacts differently to the impact of the laser beam. So, there are hardly any regular guidelines for laser cutting or engraving board with a laser machine. But the settings can be adjusted so you can achieve perfect results to meet your specific needs! No design is too complex for BRM laser machines.  

Would you like to know more about processing hardboard or softboard? Let us demonstrate all the possibilities of the machine. Feel free to contact us!