How to laser cut acrylic materials

The BRM laser machine is the acrylic laser cutting machine you need! Acrylics are mostly used in Advertising Industries but can be used in many other segments of the Market. Cutting and engraving acrylics is one of the most used applications of a BRM Laser machine and is successful in multiple ways. Mostly because after cutting or engraving acrylics there is no need to finely polish the material. The result after cutting is fine polished already and that’s why the process is more efficient and productive. The machines are also very precise which make them interesting for work that requires some finesse!

Many possibilities with Acrylics

There are many things made possible by using Co2 laser machines. For example, Trophy’s, Indoor & Outdoor Signage and Prototyping are made by our clients and many companies throughout the world. Within the Advertising sector, the machine is mostly used to process Offline Advertisement by making Plexiglass Signs and many other things.


Acrylics are one of the main substitutes for glass and have many advantages in comparison with the breakable material. Acrylics are actually thirty times stronger than glass!! Acrylics are also processable while Glass can only be engraved. Glass is also more fragile because it can break while processing. At the same time acrylic is as transparent as glass. Because of all these reasons people increasingly choose for plexiglass and other acrylics. When processing the material, you will see that the element will not be scratched and remains clear. Even the most precise projects will be a finished unscratched product. Even laser engraving acrylic looks superb when processed with the machines.

Acryl Laser machine

The best machine to process Acrylics is the BRM CO2-laser. This machine features the right wavelength and power to perfectly process your material the way you want it. With the BRM laser machine, any shape or pattern is easy to engrave, besides the laser power doesn’t reduce power when the machine is well kept and properly taken care off. In opposition to old processes where knives were used which quickly became dull and lost precision. In this area, the use of a BRM laser machine is a great solution to this problem. There is no design that is too complex for a BRM laser machine!

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