BRM 100160

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BRM Original 100160 € 12.950,-

All BRM Laser machines come standard-equipped with servo motors, thereby ensuring your end product’s stability. In addition, the laser tube is chilled by a closed and alarmed water cooling system. The operating precision is ± 0.1mm and the maximum running speed lies between 800-1000 mm/s.

  • Lasertube: 100/150W
  • Work surface: 1000 x 1600 x 230 mm
  • Weight: 500 kg
  • Dimensions: 2200 x 1600 x 1150 mm
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The machines are supplied as a standard all-encompassing package. This means that the machines come with the following accessories by default:

  • Height-adjustable honeycomb & slat table
  • 63.5 mm & 101.6 mm lens
  • Extraction system
  • Air compressor
  • Industrial water cooler
  • Rotation system
  • Professional software

Extensive Possibilities

BRM Extractor

BRM Extraction systems are designed for applications that emit gasses and volatile organic compounds. These filter systems use carbon filters to purify the air, meaning that your laser machine can be used in an enclosed space.

Paste and spray

BRM sells various products, such as pastes and sprays used for the lasering of metals and other materials. These products are used as a pre-treatment for obtaining clear and distinct engravings.

Service, Support and Warranty



With our extensive network of partners we are able to offer you fast, personal and accurate advice in terms of the suitability of our laser machines for your application. Get in touch with us to be informed about our machinery, to have your materials tested or to make an appointment for a demonstration in one of our showrooms.



We offer a full two year warranty on our machines based on throughout testing and quality control of all the parts used in assembly. From the motors to the safety-switches and laser tubes: Everything gets continuously reviewed on quality so that we can offer these extensive warranty conditions to our clients.



All our technicians and partners get trained in-house so that throughout our entire team we can offer fast and optimal support. Whether it is by phone, by email or on-site, it is essential for us to support our clients in a fast but competent way in every aspect related to our machines.