BRM Fiber Lasers

BRM Fiber laser

Fiber lasers are a special branch of our portfolio. With these machines, our focus is on engraving and that’s what our machines are best at. They have a special much more energy efficient fiber resonator which gives a better print on the material. Because these machines can directly, without the use of any additives, engrave metals and noble metals alike, the process has become simplistic. If a fiber laser has been equipped with a galvo-system this can decrease the time necessary to engrave a design. This means you immediately start with a speed that equals the max speed of a CO2-Laser and even higher speeds are possible.

Apart from this, the fiber machines are low in maintenance and deployable in a 24/7 environment: so a great machine for production. Equipped as standard these machines come with an integrated computer and a completely safe casing, with a swift electric door, these machines are an asset for production environments, for example where serial numbers have to be placed at a high pace. But the machines are also very suitable for personalized assignments such as engraving names in gold or silver. Besides these options, there are many more possibilities and has the fiber resonator got a surprising reach making it a perfect choice for professional engravers!